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Meet Abdelkader Bachr, The Entrepreneur Who’s Disrupting The Digital Marketing Industry



Meet Abdelkader Bachr, The Entrepreneur Who's Disrupting The Digital Marketing Industry

24-year-old Abdelkader Bachr, commonly known as Abdoobachr, is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist and the founder of multiple digital marketing agencies that help small firms and startups with the required exposure and publicity they need to scale up.

With an income that exceeds $100,000 monthly, Abdoobachr is an expert who leverages the benefits of digital marketing and helps his clients scale their businesses through his innovative use of digital advertising.

Abdelkader Bachr tested and tried digital marketing strategies that have shown proof of efficiency and yielded results for his client’s businesses. An important aspect of his success is the creation and delivery of wholesome content that is tailored to cater to his client’s niche.

Bracing Up For Success

Being in an enviable position, Abdelkader enjoys the privilege of being able to cherry-pick the clients he partners with. His selections are made on specific criteria. His success is one that is hard-won. As is the norm, he was once a newbie in the digital marketing world who was trying to effect change and make his mark in a very competitive world.

At first, he lacked a target market and was plagued with self-doubt about his prowess as a marketer and sales expert. This doubt proved greatly detrimental as networking initially was a major challenge. With time, he managed to outgrow his lack of confidence.

Making A Difference

Right after this, he set his sights on niche markets that he knew partnering with would prove just right for him. To go along with this, he gained some expertise in video marketing, an area he correctly foresaw would provide immense value for clients especially with respect to marketing messages that were to be delivered succinctly in video clips.

His abilities and experience serve as a solid foundation and enlighten the strategic direction in which his agencies move in relation to brand development. Contrary to popular practices, they focus their efforts on the long term approach that covers helping businesses with growth over a three to five year period.

Video marketing is at the center of the combination of solutions his agencies recommend and deliver to clients and quite naturally so because of his video marketing proficiency and the overtime proof of the effects of videos in engaging audiences and building brand loyalty provided the video contents are top-notch.

At 24, and on a six-figure monthly salary, Abdelkader is in a great position to offer tips to young entrepreneurs looking to follow in his steps. Here are a few nuggets from Abdelkader for anyone who truly wants to attain success in life.

Abdoobachr’s Success Tips

  • Regardless of how tough things get, giving up should never be considered
  • Get a mentor with a proven record of helping newcomers.
    To get better, learning their ways and emulating them is key.
  • Getting adequate exposure on the importance of networking in building business relationships and getting referrals will prove valuable.
  • Treat your clients like royalty. Word of mouth goes a long way in the hyper-connected generation we are in today.
  • Take care of your health while you hustle, as things tend to get a little bit stressful in the long run.
  • Find something that makes you happy, don’t just jump into a particular industry because of money. Instead, take time out to pick what field you want to be in and crush it.


These words on marble from this young and successful entrepreneur who isn’t showing signs of slowing down but is constantly forging ahead with his numerous exploits and digital marketing projects will help with growth and success. His mobile application launch is coming up soon and as is consistent with his track record promises to be of optimal quality.



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