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5 Ultimate Guidelines for a successful Accounting and Finance Career



5 Ultimate Guidelines for a successful Accounting and Finance Career

Accounting and Finance are always the centers of any business operations. According to the report, the business environment is growing exponentially in Uganda, and thus there is a massive need for qualified accountants to handle all the financial matters. Hence, most people often take up accounting and finance courses and end up struggling with it for the whole academic year. B. Sc Accounting and Finance is a degree program that is aimed to train the practitioners in the line of finance and accounting. This is an appropriate degree for all those looking for a move into the profession of accountancy. By definition, Finance, and Accounting although seems to be an easy subject but are equally difficult unless the students follow proper guidelines and techniques while studying this subject! Here below mentioned are some techniques and easy guidelines following which you can be able to create a successful and bright future in accounting and finance!


Know about the Accounting and Finance degree thoroughly

You need to take the initiative to proactively learn and know about the particular field thoroughly in order to be more familiar with the market. Constant practice and a bit of regular homework will prove to be beneficial when your turn comes to enter the field. Only then would you be an expert in figuring out how the client operates and what they are trying to achieve. 


Consider Career Paths and Set Goals!

Learning and studying various career paths while pursuing the B. Sc Accounting and Finance degree field would help you to set a firm goal. Setting goals is an important part of working toward your success, which will motivate you to push through even when the subject gets tough. Only a proper plan, hard work, and dedication can help you reach your goals! 

  • Find the best mentor: that’s because only the best mentor can provide you with much helpful advice to help develop leadership abilities and leveraging off their connections and networks to help advance your career.
  • Expand your skillset: Keep your work duties varied so you need not categorize the area of finance. Having a broad skill set will add to your marketability, which would reduce the risk in a business environment, with the continuous advancements in technology.
  • Become more tech-savvy: Use technology more effectively to improve processes and efficiencies to add more value in your day to a day finance role.
  • Embrace change to be seen as a leader: Today’s ever-changing business environment requires finance professionals to adopt and embrace changes to take part in sudden decision making!
  • Bea proactive student: Be proactive during learning and development. Be updated with the latest news about research, developments, and qualifications in the accounting sector to make sure you remain competitive. 


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Simple math skills are important in the Accounting and Finance degree. 

Most of you hate maths! But believe it or not, this will definitely help. Accounting students see thousands of numbers and data every day. Sometimes over practicing can disturb your mind. So, practicing simple addition and subtraction can help refresh a tired student’s mind. You need not be an expert in mathematics to succeed as an accountant. You simply need the know basic skill and ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and use decimals, fractions, and percentages. 


Learn to manage your time while pursuing an Accounting and Finance degree! 

Time management is a deciding factor for many students. If you lack time management skills, you would feel overwhelmed and underproductive as a result there is a chance that you would just give up. Rather than being a victim of this way of thinking, learn to manage time well from the start! While managing your time while studying, remember to set a schedule that works for you.


Choose the best universities in Uganda for the Accounting and Finance degree!

Graduating from any university does not guarantee a position in the field. But graduating with accounting and finance from the best universities in Uganda definitely helps you in building a successful career. It provides strong knowledge to you and caters to your future professionals’ needs. Although many industries demand a Master’s degree before participation at a professional level, a Bachelor’s degree is more than enough for those who desire to undergo a career in particular branches. And both these Masters and Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance is available in one of the best universities in Uganda, and that is none other than the Cavendish University. No wonder, this is one of the top universities in Uganda, as you would get the opportunity to study under the constant guidance and supervision of well-trained professionals. Cavendish University in Uganda remains special to so many students because they follow the student-centric academic model in teaching and learning and is aimed at fulfilling the Mission which is concerned about transforming the students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens. 


Career objectives for the Accounting and Finance degree.

Cavendish University is one of the top universities of Uganda, which follows a unique career objective for people who pursue Accounting and Finance degree:

  1. To gain knowledge of the nature and structure of modern business organizations and the role of profit and critical managerial functions.
  2. To understand and discuss the major decision areas and the important concepts used in financial accounting and management.
  3. To acquire sufficient capacity to satisfy the strategic planning needs of enterprises to achieve their marketing objectives.
  4. To understand macro-and microeconomic principles and theories and apply them to solve complex real-life situations.


So, if you are looking for a promising and successful career in Finance and Accounting, and are ready to follow the above 5 guidelines thoroughly, then join Cavendish University to bring your dreams to reality!

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