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Meet Ahmed Mukhtar; A Young Entrepreneur Dominating Network Marketing

Chukwuma Agugbue



Meet Ahmed Mukhtar; A Young Entrepreneur Dominating Network Marketing

Finding someone like Ahmed Mukhtar, who has achieved great success in network marketing can be a hurdle. Especially in this era when the ongoing economic distress is suppressing most people. Having started his network business at a tender age of 24, he had managed to build a massive distribution of 21,000 distributors in 3 years only.

Today, Ahmed’s business is not only throughout the UK, but it extends to a whopping 20 more countries. This makes him be among the top-ranked millennials in the networking space. His story is an inspiration to many because he came from a family with no entrepreneurial background in any way.


Behind The Scenes of Ahmed’s Success Story

Becoming a millionaire at 20s has remained a dream for most people. However, Ahmed ensured that he lived his dream before getting to 30 years. In his 20s, he was a multimillionaire. He became an entrepreneur when he was 24 years.

Being that young, most people thought he was naïve and still inexperienced to get into a real business. However, Ahmed was not ready to follow anyone’s notion. Instead, he knew what he wanted and how to get it.


Work In Silence & Your Success will Make The Noise.

In 2013 he started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 24. In 2 years, he hit the top position of Senior Vice President, which was the highest rank in the company. Ahmed was not ready to leave it there. He continued with his determination and zeal, and in 4 years, he had earned $3.6 Million in network marketing.

By then, he had a team of more than 21000 people in his network. He had grown to over 21 countries and beyond. In the UK, he was dominating the market. He was mentoring thousands of people.  His success was no longer concealed; everyone could tell that Ahmed is disrupting the Networking space. He was featured in Success from Home Magazine in 2016 among other top publications.


Advice to the Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Ahmed starts by saying that in business, you should not be wavering about your opinion. He advises young entrepreneurs to find something that they love doing, do proper research on it such that even if some people come telling you other things, you have the correct information with you. Start working on it and ensure you are growing and learning. ‘Falling is not failure; it only becomes failure if you give up,’ he says.

‘When you choose a good idea, it will give you financial freedom. It only requires you to give it your all for some years then the money will start working for you.’ He says. He concludes by highlighting that respecting everyone is a virtue that can make you go far.


Beating The Odds

Ahmed’s life wasn’t always this way. He was raised in the ghettos of North London by financially unstable parents who had no knowledge whatsoever of entrepreneurship or networking.

Although he lacked the resources and expertise required to build a business, Ahmed pushed forward. Instead of letting his situation at the time dictate his life, Ahmed sought to improve himself on the areas where he lacked. He read books, attended seminars, and networked with a lot of entrepreneurs.

Eventually, Ahmed set out to be an entrepreneur in the year 2013 at the age of 24, and through hard work, flexibility, and ingenuity, Ahmed built one of the fastest-growing networking teams (Future Lifestyle Network) and became a multi-millionaire at the age of 28. 


Wrap Up

From a family of a bus driver, Ahmed’s business is on the verge of becoming worldwide. He is living proof that your background cannot dictate your destiny.



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