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AI And Automation – How Can They Help Us?



AI And Automation - How Can They Help Us?

We all tend to forget how big a part of our lives AI has become. Look around you – it’s everywhere. From the personal assistant, you carry around on your phone at all times to the GPS in your car. We have become mildly dependent on this technology, and to think we’ve only just scratched the surface of what it can really do for us.

While it does make our lives easier, it’s also taking away our jobs. It’s used everywhere, even for businesses like content writing companies. Machines can do a lot of things that humans used to be hired for before, and they are much more efficient. Now, before the panic from that realization actually kicks in, let’s talk about a few ways by which automation can actually help us.


AI can manage you better

When talking about a company, managing the consumer perspective of your organization is a huge part of growing and thriving. You need to be able to control how they think of you and understand exactly what they view you as. Only then can you work towards improving their perspective. The people hired for this purpose are known as PR professionals. AI and automation can help transform this job.

  • A lot of tasks done manually, such as news monitoring, researching, reporting and building media lists, will be done by machines. This will free up a lot of people for more productive tasks.
  • AI can give PR professionals information to help make their job easier as well.


No more manually done repetitive tasks

We all have some daily tasks that we hate doing. This includes things like sorting through emails, scheduling meetings, etc. These cognitive tasks don’t require creative thinking and can easily be assigned to a machine, without fear of them not being done right. Once these tasks are taken care of, people will be able to focus on higher-level cognitive tasks, which will surely improve the overall productivity and ranking of any company. Things that need to be addressed will be tended to more easily.


Customer support is already being taken over

Isn’t it convenient when you go to a website with a very basic question in mind, and instead of having to send in the question through the server and waiting for a response, you find the answer already present on the website? Some sites have an FAQ section where they have responses to the most frequently asked questions by their consumers, and others provide quick service using AI.

  • Chatbots available 24/7 can help people by automatically answering their questions regarding almost anything having to do with the business and the services it provides.
  • Not only this, but they gather information through these questions based on customer needs, which helps the company better itself further.


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Increased productivity – putting that mind to better use

In every organization, there are always some very skilled staff members doing incredibly dull tasks. This is one of the main reasons for slow progress in any organization, a lot of their creative minds are being held back because of a low budget and low-level cognitive tasks that need to be managed manually. However, thanks to AI, they no longer have to be tended to by people.

  • Tasks like sorting, organizing, and analyzing based on recorded information can easily be taken care of with the help of automation.


Improving the workplace structure

By freeing up a lot of people from mundane tasks, automation will break the flow of work in that organization. This might open up new and better job opportunities for people, all of these jobs now being productive and requiring creativity. This will impact the staff as well as the overall business for the better.


More focus towards business tactics

High-scale technicalities need to be managed in any workplace. Now that AI is managing a lot of tasks without needing much supervision, people can focus more on developing strategies that would benefit their businesses in the long run.

  • This will allow people to incorporate time-consuming methods like storytelling into their marketing, thus improving it tenfold.
  • Analyzing and targeting audiences will become much easier if it is focused on more.
  • It can do tasks such as performing a 40-hour analysis done manually in about 4 minutes, saving us a lot of time and manual labor.


It can even tell the future?!

No, this isn’t like palm-reading. It’s more like discoveries based on very calculated scientific analysis and data collection. This means keeping an eye on how competitors are doing, where they excel or fall, looking at customer reviews, and making changes based on their feedback. Tasks that can be difficult to do manually due to the computations required after reading huge amounts of data collected from several different servers and platforms at the same time. AI can help keep track of everything happening on every platform that your business is functioning on.


Let’s put things on autopilot

In times when we can’t really work, such as holidays or even just regular old Sundays, we lost a lot of time during which we could have been productive. This can be avoided by putting anything we can on autopilot, so that tasks that can be done through automation, without requiring any supervision, can continue to take place until we can return.

  • Automated driving is one of the most amazing features of AI so far, something that a lot of buzzes has been about. It’s all that people were talking about for a while, and the reason is simple – it makes things a lot easier for us when we can’t manually tend to certain tasks – even driving a car.



Authors Bio:

Elizabeth Sarandon is a 25-year-old film school graduate, born and raised in New York City. Ever since she was little, she wanted to be a theatre actress. She pursued her dreams in college, after which she began promoting her work as a professional. Her first job after graduating was as a writer at Content Majestic.



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