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Amazon Alexa Is Back & So Much Better!



Amazon Alexa

Launched in November 2014, Amazon Alexa has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. From playing games to requesting an Uber, it can perform all our daily tasks.

Alexa sits in the cloud and runs our daily errands. Whether we are cozying in our bed or busy with our jobs or driving, it is always at our disposal for assistance. It comes in a package with Amazon devices or can be installed in phones with Alexa apps. It is super handy and compatible with Amazon’s own Echo and multiple other visual and audial devices.

Looks like the best voice assistant right? Let’s have a look at more virtual assistants and how they are changing our future.

Virtual Assistants! The Future Of Millennial!

Remember the days when we had to hire someone to maintain our diary or pay bills for us? And the idea of hiring someone would come with a fear of thievery or deceit. The era of technology extensively worked on our problem and came up with exactly what we needed. Our own Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA).

From SIRI to Amazon Alexa and Cortana, all voice assistants are perfectly secured and wake up just when we need them.

SIRI: introduced by Apple in 2011, SIRI can do anything for us. We just have to command, “Hey SIRI, please play my favorite playlist” or Hey SIRI, please book a ride for me! And SIRI will be right at our service.

GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Google launches the best of everything! Its Google Assistant is here with anything we need. Whether we are bored and want to play games or searching for someone who could write a research proposal for our thesis. Google Assistant will find us the best service. It comes with multiple features like IOS, chrome cast integration and smartphone apps installation.

AMAZON ALEXA: what is something that Alexa cannot do for us! Want cooking recipes? Alexa is here! Want an expert’s advice? Alexa is here with the best one! Searching for the best café in town? Alexa can find the one! With Amazon‘s crazy invention, we don’t have to go anywhere. Because all that we want is right in our pocket. It comes with IoT and smartphone app and is extremely handy with all its services.

CORTANA: Developed by Microsoft, it is available in multiple languages like EnglishPortugueseFrenchGermanItalianSpanishChinese, and Japanese. It can perform various functions like setting an alarm for us and access any information from Bing Search Engine. It is also available with IOS and smartphone app.

With reducing our hiring costs and eliminating the hassles of the recruitment process, intelligent personal assistant has made our lives easier in multiple ways. It has taken over the chores that are always on our lists and leave us knackered at the end of the day.

IPA can easily do these tasks so that we can be more productive with other impactful jobs.

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Alexa!

Amazon Alexa is a female voice that listens to your voice command, integrates it and then completes those tasks. The integration is a form of artificial intelligence that uses a microphone to hear the voice and then translates through microchips into technical language.

Alexa is a part of Amazon’s Echo. Echo has devices that are primarily speakers like:

  • Echo Standard, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus

And other devices that have speaker plus visual commands like:

  • Echo Show, Echo Show 5 and Echo Spot.

Alexa is not only compatible with Amazon’s own devices but can work with various others like Polk Command Bar and Sonos One.

It is always active and hears commands. It can tell you about the outside weather, what is up with the traffic today and play your best music. You have to connect it to the internet for everything like accessing worldwide information and services for example best fumigation service in town or professional academic writing services.

Alexa’s Smart home Is All That We Need!

Though Alexa is the storehouse of information. It can tell us everything we need to know from the best restaurant in town to the most affordable thesis editing and proofreading service. But Alexa has always remained a step ahead. Its new feature Smart home is managing our house like a Boss!

A smart home is a multitask-er. We just have to connect it to the right device and watch it running our house.

  • Linking it to the Philips Hue to turn the light bulbs on or off.
  • Connecting it to the heat controlling system to know the temperature and change it.
  • Attaching it with the Ring Video Doorbell and Arlo Camera to see who is at the door.

Newest Developments In Amazon Alexa: The Hinglish Master!

In 2017, Alexa made its way to India with English. With 90% of the nation unable to comprehend English, Rohit Prasad, the Vice President and Head of Scientist soon understood the importance of adding the Hinglish feature to it.

Alexa’s Hinglish take all commands in Hindi like Alexa! Sher ki Khabar btao or Alexa! Aj khane me kia banaen? And it will bring up the best answer.

Alexa’s Hindi feature is supported by many other Indian Apps like All India Radio, Red FM and Chuchu TV. It can perform all functions which are available in other languages:

  1. Playing your favorite music.
  2. Maintaining the daily diary.
  3. Ordering the food from an online food app.
  4. Asking for an Uber ride.
  5. Solving educational problems like essay writing services or dissertation writing service.
  6. Reading your favorite magazine.
  7. And much more!

With Amazon Alexa, our future is in the right hands!

Authors Bio:

Dr. Asim Adnan is a Content Writer at Thesis Writing Help. He has worked on different subjects like Business, Finance, Current affairs, and Technology.

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