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Why you should applying to a Medical School in Caribbean?



Why you should applying to a Medical School in Caribbean?

It sounds too good to be true because a lot of people go to the Caribbean but only for holidaying and vacationing. Studying in the Caribbean is not much of a hassle because their universities are following the American pattern.

That’s right; their programs, standards, curricula, facilities, and faculty are competent. The degrees are recognized internationally and the physicians coming from them are with education are good and professional.

Acceptance to American medical schools is tough and students then look for options in Canada, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The Caribbean is often an overlooked option and is a good place to study.

The tuition fees are lower than that of medical schools in the United States, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand. The best medical school has a residency match rate of 78% and often revolve students in programs of the World Health Organization (WHO).


Let us now have a look at why students should take admission in a Caribbean medical school:

  • A different kind of evaluation is practiced

Caribbean medical schools always interview students despite the MCAT scores and High school GPAs of applicants. They do not gamble with a student’s prospects and instead often look to test student’s intellect to see if they are worth admitting in the school or not.

Thus have a higher rate of acceptance in comparison to others. They have intake periods in August and January. They often test an applicant’s intellect comprehensively and differently which then reduces their dependency on MCAT and high school GPAs.

Caribbean medical schools do everything they can in checking a student’s intellect for the field of medicine.


  • Acceptance rates of admission are higher than stateside medical schools

Some time ago, 53,000 high school graduates who had applied to stateside medical schools faced a hurdle and a considerable part of them faced a heartbreak. Only 21,000 students were accepted. Also, the probability of an American student making it to a medical school is 40%.

Ivy League medical schools are long shots and can be quite impossible to reach.

Caribbean medical schools use holistic methods in interviewing and evaluation, and it raises their admission acceptance rates above the American average.


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  • The intake periods are two in a year, instead of one

Caribbean medical schools have two intake periods in a year i.e. January & August. American graduates have to wait a full year before they apply to medical school again. A lot of medical schools accept admissions just a few weeks before the semester starts.

  • Accelerated study programs are offered by them

Most Caribbean medical schools have articulated agreements with post-secondary institutions. This allows students to complete pre-med coursework in minimal time. Students upon completion of these programs are guaranteed admission across all Caribbean medical schools.

  • They are affiliated with stateside clinical rotation programs

Top-notch Caribbean medical schools have a fine clinical affiliate network which is extensive. Island nations are members of the world health organization (WHO) which has helped them create an extensive clinical affiliate network.

These medical schools have good relations with clinics in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Cuba & Canada.

  • Graduates are often successful

Caribbean medical schools’ graduates score high in step 1 of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam). Hence, graduates secure very good residency placements in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

  • Caribbean islands are a tropical paradise in realistic terms

Caribbean island nations are a tropical paradise. An abundant supply of vitamin D is credited thanks to ever-present sunshine. Since the crime is also low, the living standards are good with the cuisine full of taste and the culture full of life.

With the United States in close proximity, mainstream American pop culture is popular in the Caribbean and the US Dollar is widely accepted. With flights to the mainland present daily, jetlag is unlikely.


Over to You

If all of these sounds alluring and convincing to you, Then you can apply to Caribbean medical school with relative ease and no hesitation right away.



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