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8 Areas in your Office that needs Regular Cleaning



8 Areas i8 Areas in your Office that needs Regular Cleaningn your Office that needs Regular Cleaning

An orderly and well-kept office brings creativity and desire to work in employees as they become more productive in their daily tasks having a positive feeling about their work environment. Providing a clean workspace does not only bring out the best in your workers and increase their productivity and professionalism, but it also leaves a dazzling impact on your visiting customers.

On the contrary, an uncleaned workplace leads to an increase in the number of disease-causing germs and bacteria. Thus, it’s crucial to keep your office hygienic so that you may not face the problem of unnecessary absences of your staff members due to illness. A tidy workspace helps in increasing the overall morale of the employees and keeps it organized.

While most of the employers keep a key focus on regular building cleaning and maintenance, but some areas are somehow overlooked in daily cleansing.

The following is a comprehensive description that encompasses eight critical areas in your office requiring regular cleaning:


Lights are easily one of the most neglected parts when it comes to cleaning – it’s not just limited to the offices, but wherever you go, it seems that somehow lights are not a priority when it comes to sanitation. The lights bulbs accumulate a lot of dirt and grime daily, which not only affects the quality of light spread across a hall but also causes respiratory illnesses in workers.


Having some natural plants in the office looks pleasing to the eye, reduces stress, decreases diseases by keeping the air clean, increases employee productivity, and boosts creativity among employees. But even the plants require routine cleaning as dust and cobwebs keep on clinging to them. Remove dying or dead leaves frequently to keep the plants look fresh and all-natural.


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Furniture Cleaning

Companies often neglect the cleanliness of office furniture mainly because of the general thought, “If it doesn’t seem dirty, we don’t have to clean it.” Whether it’s the leather chairs in the meeting room or the upholstered chairs present in the lobby, all kinds of furniture pick up residue and germs daily. Even the cubical partitions need proper cleansing frequently.

Air Vents Cleaning

The HVAC system moves much air around the office space. When companies don’t clean these machines, they throw in a lot of debris and dust along with the air. Make sure you clean the air vents and ducts around your AC or Heating unit consistently to prevent the spreading of harmful diseases.


The presence of dust marks present on the baseboards which are present along the base of the interior walls negatively impacts the overall image of the workplace. The dirt keeps on accumulating and may even enter one of the HVAC units of your office and add impurity to the air your workers breathe.

Ceiling Tiles

Companies spend hundreds of dollars on the overall presentation of their office space by adding acoustic tiles to the ceilings. Those who work there daily don’t notice how dirty those ceiling tiles become over time, but the ones who visit your office for the first time, such as clients and guests, most probably observe these things. To avoid embarrassment, pay due attention to the cleanliness of these tiles, especially those present near vents.

Blinds and Curtains

Windows are a regular part of daily washing, but most of the organizations don’t clean their blinds and curtains repeatedly enough. The fact is that every curtain attracts dust particles, which not only cause increased breathing problems in those present around them but also faint the presentation of these expensive blinds.

Computers, Printers, and Telephones

These are some of the essential items of any office. Employees have to use them frequently to complete their daily tasks. As much as they are necessary to keep the work going, they can also cause illnesses in workers in the absence of a regular disinfection process.


Keeping the entire office space neat and tidy seems to be an overwhelming task but not for those who care about their firm’s impression as well as their employees. It’s generally advised to hire the office cleaning services of expert commercial cleaners that can take care of all the cleaning needs without disturbing your routine work.



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