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Artwork: How to Make Conventional Paintings?



Artwork: How to Make Conventional Paintings?

For artwork to be groundbreaking, it almost always needs to be unconventional. If it’s too much like something we’ve already seen before, it probably won’t change the game.

Game changers in the world of art are hard to come by but can also act as change agents for the entire art world. Opening new doors, this collated list looks into four unconventional art forms you might have missed in recent years. While found art, sidewalk art, and street art would be obvious members of this list, we wanted to dig deeper for things the average person might not know.


Understand Unconventional Art!

The term ‘conventional’ is used in art to mean artworks created using established standards or conventions. Convention in a strict sense as used in visual art means the customary way in which things are done within a group. This technology has to do with style, form, shape, or even materials used in creating the artwork. For example, a piece of painting (portrait or landscape painting) beautifully executed in oil on canvas can be considered as conventional artwork.

The unconventional art is more or less like a direct opposite of the conventional art in the creation of unconventional artworks. The artist disregards the established standards or the usual/ customary way of producing artworks to achieve certain designs which sometimes could be seen as controversial in appearance. Most artists do this deliberately to indirectly pull the audience into seeing a hidden truth about the society they live in.

Discover a world of truck art, science art, pothole art, and snow art in this collated list of unconventional artwork from around the web! 


Truck Art

Ever heard of truck art? We’re not talking about goofy hood ornaments or even decals for a custom look. These are dramatic murals painted on the sides of trucks for much more than curb appeal. Think “location, location, location!” The idea behind truck art is simple. It’s all about mobility. The mobility of these pieces makes them easy to move from place to place, and also make them happy additions to remote areas.

We can only imagine that this movement will extend beyond Spain with enough time. In the ever-expanding world of unconventional art, this project has wheels and we wish them well in expanding their reach and presence.


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Sci-Fi Art

Science fiction allows artists to illustrate the ideas from their wildest imagination including futuristic cities, post-apocalyptic worlds, aliens and strange beasts, robots, and biotechnology. The most effective sci-fi art is rooted in reality so we can imagine it as a possibility in the not-too-distant future. Sophisticated digital artwork software has made it possible for artists to create incredibly detailed and realistic depictions of the scenes they imagine in their heads.


Metal Art

Any artwork that is crafted from the ‘ores of the earth,’ including bronze, gold, tin, lead, silver, and iron is defined as metal art. It is also common to see metal art created from various metal alloys, such as aluminum. Metal art can be either purely decorative or functional and useful. From wire metal filigree works and cast metal sculptures made from bronze to ancient hammered metal cups and fine gold Egyptian jewelry, the resilience of metals and their malleable nature has made them one of the best materials to make beautiful works of art and crafts.

Metal art is a great way to add spice to the life of your home decor. It’s entirely your choice whether you add metal in the form of furniture, accessories, or as metal wall art, which is a popular way to incorporate the material. Depending upon your taste, metal art can be shiny and flashy, colorful or rustic and weathered.


Diamond Art

Diamond Art is a fun & relaxing activity for adults and kids who love crafting, It’s basically painting by numbers, but with tiny Diamond-like resin rhinestone instead of paint. Applying the diamonds is a three-step process that’s super easy & meditative.

People describe the diamond painting as more relaxing than any other craft because of how calming it feels to place the diamonds one by one. The hours fly by as you channel your creativity into a stunning finished artwork.

It’s fun, easy — and it’s for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or looking for your first creative outlet, you can make beautiful diamond art with Diamond Painting Kits with little effort and no mess!

It’s the new hobby that lets you unwind while creating something you’ll be proud of.


Unconventional is Innovation!

Art is a continuum of sorts, with its ability to pick from past and future at will. Not only can we find a new purpose for old ideas, but new ideas can be incorporated into existing media in interesting ways.

By bending what is natural or commonplace, suddenly art can take on new meaning – transforming what is possible for generations of artists to come.



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