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In-depth Knowledge on Aviation Hostess Training Program



In-depth Knowledge on Aviation Hostess Training Program

Aiming to become a part of the aviation training program? Well, undoubtedly it is a great choice in terms of career, but unless you make the right choice of the training school, you can never reach your goals. With skilled guidance, you can become an expert in this field.

Your primary choice needs to be finding a good aviation academy, and if you are lucky, you will definitely find a large number of choices in your area. However, when the options are many, choosing can be a little confusing. You require doing in-depth research to find the school that worth your time.

Does Aviation Academy offer Air Hostess Training? 

A big yes. If you want to become an air hostess of a luxurious flight and want to earn a handsome salary, obviously you need training and experience. With complete air hostess training, you can ensure reaching your career goals.

Becoming an air hostess is one of the most chosen career choices for many across India, but there are several things that you should know before you actually enroll in the air hostess training institute.

Air hostess is one of those very few jobs in India that not only offer good salary and ensure travelling, but also it provides you with the chance to meet new people from various cultures, visit multiple locations, might get chance to meet the celebrities, business tycoons and ultimately it is a job that helps you to enjoy as every day is a new thing for you.

Becoming an air hostess is undoubtedly hard, but harder is to join as it constitutes of responsibilities. Unlike a job where you just have to work and leave, air hostesses’ needs to be very polite, patience and coordinate. Besides, they have to be courageous to handle any type of undesirable situations in order to ensure a safe landing.

So let’s have a look in details about the requirements to become an air hostess:

Education: To become a part of the air hostess training, you need to pass the 10+2, as only then you are eligible to apply for these jobs. Graduation is the minimum quality to opt for the courses.

You need to be an expert in reading, speaking, and writing English, Hindi and other foreign languages. Since you might find people from different parts of the world, speaking different languages, you need to know the language to help them enjoy a comfortable flight.


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Marital Status and Age

Depending on their policy, air hostess academy decides the age limit of the conditions. But generally, it ranges from 17 to 26 years. Similarly, the marital status depends upon their policy. Mostly they prefer unmarried girls except for some institutes that prefer unmarried women as well.


It is a definite need for the candidates to be fit. Any candidates with mental illness are not preferred. They need to have a powerful vision of 6/9. Some of the airlines might allow concession.

These are some of the attributes that a woman willing to become an air hostess must-have.

Behavioral Skills

As an air hostess is a completely different job, not only being physically fit and having medical qualifications is enough. You need to pass the behavioral skills as well.

Attractive Personality

You definitely need to have a pleasing voice and attractive looks. Well-spoken, friendly behavior and social personality is a basic requirement for the air hostesses. This is because you need to be very soft and pleasing to the passengers.

Communication Skills

You need to have excellent command over languages. Communication skill is a must as there might be times when you need to convince your passenger in case they are asking for something.

Presence of Mind

There might be situations where emergency landing is a must. In such scenarios, having a presence of mind is a necessity to handle the panicked passengers. If the person herself gets packed, then the entire situation will go haywire.


Working in a team is extremely necessary as cabin crew consists of an entire team with 12-14 members. So working in a team is a necessity.

Ready to Stretch

Like other jobs, you can never expect the job of an air hostess to be at a fixed hour. You will have flights at different times. Besides, technical reasons and bad weather are some of the most common reasons that result in a flight delay. You can consider that there will be times where your working hours might extend to 3 to 4 hours more than the said time.

Positive Attitude

Last but not least. Maintain a positive attitude is a must for any air hostess. They should be ready to take all the assigned jobs keeping a smile on their faces.

Well, these are the necessary attributes of the air hostess that you might not persist from the beginning, but taking the training will help you to understand the different ways of handling customers.

Salary of an Air Hostess

Coming to the salary, which is one of the most asked questions by the candidates, the different company offers different salaries to their air hostesses. This, again, is entirely based on their policy and also on the experience in this industry. However, in general, the salary varies from 20000 INR to 80000 INR per month.

Again there is a variation in domestic and international flights as well. Domestic flights will offer less salary which extends up to 40000 INR and for the international flights you can expect a pay of 80000 INR per month.

All of these are completely based on work experience. Some luxurious flights also pay a handsome salary of 1 to 2lakhs to their senior air hostess, but it requires good work experience.

Bottom Line

Different flight companies offer different salaries and have different requirements. Every company has a different policy, and if you want to become a part of that particular, you certainly need to meet their requirements. You certainly have to be very flexible and polite to become an air hostess and serve the VIPs flying in the luxurious flights.

You can get your name enrolled in any air hostess academy in India, but one of the best training institutes known for having maximum satisfaction from their students is APT. Applied Professional Training is an Aviation Academy in Kolkata known for offering top-notch service to the students. They ensure 100% placements for the students with their practical and theoretical modules.

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