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3 Stylish Curtains: Have a Lavish and Dreamy bathroom



stylish curtains

bathroom curtains

Stylish Curtains are meant to give you privacy and warmth. They are also effective in preventing the dirt particles to enter our living room, bedroom, and bathrooms. In addition to this, curtains nowadays come in a great variety, patterns, and materials and thus they are a great way to enhance the overall look of your place. Adding curtains to different parts of your home contributes to the room’s aesthetics and also make it look more defined as they are a great way to exhibit the concept of that room. Bathroom curtains are a great way to ensure privacy while you are enjoying a shower. These bathroom curtains have different variations. These variations depend upon your window sizes, your bathroom concept, and color and mainly on whether you want them to be made of waterproof or any other material. So these curtains vary according to your choices and preferences. We hereby, make sure that you get the right ideas for your bathroom curtains and choose the best ones for your bathroom. Just take a quick look at the bathroom inspector and the below stated amazing curtains.

Curtains Based on material:

Below we have listed some amazing curtains that can turn your bathroom into a dreamy bathroom.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are made of thin, transparent material. They are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. These curtains are normally paired with a blind behind it or with a heavy curtain in the front. Sometimes they are also used alone to give the room a decent overall look. These curtains are also used in the bathroom if you do not want to completely block the sunlight yet want to have some privacy. They are made of lightweight and smooth materials like voile, lace, nylon, Muslin, gauze, etc. Their almost transparency makes them merge completely in the background. Some varieties also come with light elegant patterns to complement your bathrooms.

Vinyl curtains

Next one is the waterproof vinyl curtain that is indeed a necessary addition to your bathroom. Waterproof curtains are made primarily of vinyl which resists water to stay. As a result, rather than absorbing in the material, water takes the form of droplets and drips down. Because of this factor, these curtains dry up easily. It further prevents mold and mildew to grow in the moist bathroom environment. Apart from being used on windows, they are also used as shower curtains. They are available in different designs and colors so that you can choose according to your style and taste.

Cotton curtains

Based on material, we have another form of the curtain which is made of pure cotton. These curtains are mostly used on windows away from the shower areas. The reason is that cotton curtains can absorb water and hence they are prone to mold and mildew. But overall, they have a soft nice and light texture which makes them look extremely beautiful when light passes through them.

Stylish Curtains for Bathroom Based on the size:

Bathroom curtains also come in different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. You can choose the right one depending upon where you want to hang them.

Small bathroom window curtains

You can upgrade the look of your small bathroom windows by hanging small bathroom window curtains. These curtains come in small sizes so that they can easily fit your windows and at the same time ensure your privacy. You can also hook them to the sides when you are not using the bathroom to give them a nice and decent look. Make sure to choose a design that goes well with the bathroom color.

Extra-wide shower Stylish Curtains

If you want to hang curtains around the shower areas then your curtains should be wide enough to cover the whole space. Shower curtains are mostly made of waterproof material so that to prevent your bathroom floors to get wet. Also, they are resistant to mold as they dried up quickly. You can also buy extra wide curtains if you have a series or a row of windows in your bathroom. You can either pair up some simple curtains with the decorative ones in the middle or use plain extra wide curtains to cover the whole area.

Bathroom Stylish Curtains based on the pattern

Have a look at the below luxurious bathroom curtains that are distinct in their own way.

Decorative Stylish Curtains

If you do not want to neglect your bathroom and want to make it look equally beautiful and attractive like the rest of the room in your house then you should go with the decorative curtains. These curtains come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Mostly they are made of rayon or faux-silk which are some of the high-quality fabrics. You can use these curtains in your guest bathrooms which are not frequently used yet you want them to look so good. You can also hang them in the bathroom attached with your master bedroom to give it a royal look. You do not need to worry about the fact that they are expensive and if you hang them in your bathroom that will probably damage them. It is because these curtains can be used with a waterproof lining which will make them last longer and stay durable.

Other alternative ways include

  • Use vine plants to cover your large and tall bathroom windows.
  • Instead of spending your money in buying waterproof curtains, just take your normal curtain to your dry cleaner and they will waterproof the fabric material of your curtain.
  • Add some translucent material like stickers to your bathroom windows.


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