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A guide to Behavioral Test for the Recruitment Process



A guide to behavioral Test for the Recruitment Process

If you check the previous records of some old organizations, then you will see that hiring and firing is a common thing that you will get to see. Organizations hire employees, and when they don’t like them, they fire them. The main reason behind this is that at that time, no as such assessment tools were available, which can be used by the organizations to hire the candidate. Not even the businessman or the candidates applying for the jobs were aware of anything regarding this concept. It results in a huge waste of money as well as the time and efforts of the business.

But now, with the help of technology, it is easy to assess the aspiring candidates. Not only it is now easy, but it has now become the need of an hour that you cannot ignore. Those organizations that ignore the importance of pre-employment tests are now facing huge losses, and that is why we cannot underestimate its importance. Behavioral test plays a very important role in your recruitment process. As the current behavior of the candidates will deice that how they will react to different situations that they will face in their future course of action.

Earlier all such tests were conducted using face to face interactions or with the help of other methods. But now the online platform has proved to be very helpful in conducting these tests. Mettl is the best service provider in this regard, which the companies can choose irrespective of their size of operations. You can get their expert services anytime. Many organizations try to select the candidate for their organization by just looking at their resumes. Resumes can’t decide or indicate the behavioral traits of the candidate applying for the job. Special efforts should be made to find out this aspect of the candidates.

The behavioral competencies are the mixture of the skills, knowledge as well as the traits in an individual. So you need to assess every part of it. There are so many online tools available to assess the behavior of the aspiring candidates. Some of them include:

Judgmental tests as per the situations:

Here in this type of test, the candidates are given a particular situation in which their response to that situation, how they deal, how they play their role, etc. is judged. Earlier, this was only possible in face to face interactions, but now, with the help of online tools, it is now possible. Afterward, you can choose the one whose response you think is the most effective and appropriate. Ranks can also be given to the different responses so that it will be easier to make a selection decision.

Case-lets sets:

This is also an online assessment tool for the behavior test of the aspiring candidate. Here in this type of assessment tool, the candidate is provided with a business scenario in which different problems will be highlighted concerning the business operations. The candidate is asked to solve those situations given to him or her. You can even know about the problem-solving attitude and capacity of the applying candidate.

Case study:

This is the most commonly used tool in almost every organization in their recruitment process. Case studies are given to the candidate out of which he is asked to find out the important facts, issues, or any other suggestions by him for the given case.


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Other offline behavioral tests:

So earlier, we have discussed the online behavioral tests, and here are some of the offline behavioral tests which are also commonly used. These include:

Group discussion:

Here in this test, the group of candidates is placed together and given a case study or a matter on which they have to speak up or discuss. From this tool, you can judge the behavior of the candidate while he or she works in a team. After all, they have to work with the whole of the organization and not with a manager only.

Detailed interviews relating to the behavioral description:

The candidates are judged on the basis of their behavior. Detailed descriptions of the behavior of the aspiring candidates are extracted by talking to them.


Role-playing is also one of the management games that many business graduates or postgraduates like to play. Role-playing means giving a particular business role to a candidate and asks him to perform the role and then to assess his or her performance.


So, these are the following offline and online tools which are used for the behavioral test of the candidates applying for the job. We will also discuss why the behavioral test is the essentials of the recruitment process:

They are based on data:

If you are using an online platform for the behavioral tests, then you will be provided with sufficient data that you may need to take your recruitment decision. Online behavioral tests are based on data, and you can make use of that to make your decision regarding the selection of the candidate. They provide you the relevant data relating to your candidate’s behavior.

To know about the requirement of a particular role:

You can assess the requirement of a specific role in business, and afterward, you can check that which candidate suits your requirement for this role. You can get to know about your best candidates, medium and below standard candidates with the help of these tests.


More efficiency with the automation:

The offline procedure of recruitment was too lengthy and time- consuming. But online behavioral tests etc. are very helpful in generating results quicker as compared to other modes. It will help you in choosing the right candidate with a detailed assessment of his or her behavior in no time. This online process is a bit easier, quicker, convenient, and reasonable to choose. Mettl is also providing the best results to the conductors so that they can make their decision on time without wasting the time of either party.


So, these are the following reasons for relying on behavioral tests for making your decision on recruitment.



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