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11 Best Educational Smart Study Apps



Educational Smart Study Apps

You can now have your own Educational Smart Study Apps on your mobile device that your kids can use while at home. Now the parents and the teachers are less worried about how to indulge the students in the studies as today so many advancements and technologies are in the hand of the parents and the mentors that they can easily convince their children to participate in the studies. The most common technology which is now used widely is online educational applications. The innovative online educational apps are available for all grade levels ranging from pre-nursery level to the master’s level regarding write my essay online app or learning new vocabulary words app. Using these apps for educational purposes is a part of digital education and the process of studying online with the help of social media websites is called digital education or E-learning.

The mobile application market is burgeoning and about 49 percent of the students make use of online smart apps to score well in their exams as stated by the various statistical organizations.


Let’s have a look at these important Educational Smart Study Apps for your children

Educational Smart Study Apps

1. ABCya Games

This is an Educational Smart Study Apps designed for the students from KG to 6th The teacher and the parents who are of the view that their kids learn and seek better by having fun use this software. This educational software for learning includes games for topics like multiplication, shapes and patterns, parts of speech, and more. This ABCya games app fully aligns with Common Core State Standards.


2. News -O- Matic EDU

It is an application software people can use to imbibe a habit of reading news daily among their young children as it is significant for the scholars to have a glance at the regular news highlights. It will help the young torchbearers to get aware about the current social issues. It will help the students in becoming responsible citizens.


3. Socrative teacher application

This is an amazing app as the teachers can collect the facts about the student’s progress individually by simply pressing a button. The teachers can make use of quizzes, feedback games, etc. for student’s academic evaluation.


4. Explain Everything Whiteboard

This is an interactive whiteboard for students which helps in presenting the information and data to the students in a visual way. This is basically a screencasting application software which makes use of the screen for displaying the educational facts and information to the students.


5. Quizlet

The basic quiz application which consists of an online database of more than 12 million user-created flashcards on an array of subjects. It is free and students are free to create their own set of flashcards. The teachers can use it for students and tell them to solve the quizzes on specific topics which is a fun and exciting method of studying.


6. Popplet

It is a creative Educational Smart Study Apps which helps the students interpret and organize the ideas in visual form with the help of diagrams, graphs, and mind maps from elementary grade to the high school level. It is the best app students can use to share and organize what they have experienced, and they can also export the material to the websites also.


7. Memrise – learn languages free

This is a language learning app which helps the users to learn different new words and vocabulary. It suggests a trick on how to memorize the important vocabulary words of the English language.


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8. iMovie app

This is the best presentation software which is used by almost all the school organization to teach the most useful and important content related to their subjects to the students. This software presents information to the students in the most enthusiastic and distinguished way. It can build the verbal fluency and interactive skills of the pupils.


9. Comic Life App

This Educational Smart Study App is best suited for the students who are never interested to study. In this case, the teachers and the parents make use of these kinds of applications in order to develop an urge among their kids to study and learn more. This app is easy to use, and it fully complies with the Common Core Standards.


10. Mathletics Student

For the students who hate to study math subjects, this application software is targeted to mainly those students. This software has been created by the World Education Games and above 4.5 million students in schools over the world are using this software to increase mathematical interest and intellect. If your child is the one who does not like math subjects, then this app is strongly recommended for those students.


11. Study tracks

Headphones cannot only be used to listen to music but they can also be used in learning something especially as a part of the education process. Study tracks are created for the students who feel reluctant in understanding any topic due to lack of interest or enthusiasm, the soundtracks are created for them by the teachers so that the students find their interest in learning and studying more.


12. Google classrooms

Google classrooms have been used widely by E-learning professionals and educators online for free. It provides a platform to the various educationists online to share the most relevant and effective content with the ability to go paperless in one cloud-based location.


13. Ergo break 4 kids

This application is basically created for the students to teach them how to not harm their health while making use of the latest technology. This teaches the students the impact of poor postures made while sitting in front of the Pc or laptop or while using their mobiles and also it imparts the students what are the bad effects of using the technology uselessly all the time, how it impacts the user’s health. This application teaches the students to take breaks and pauses at intervals while using any kind of technological equipment.


Taking help from these Educational Smart Study Apps can enhance the intellectual ability of the students and the things that were not possible in the conventional era are now becoming possible with the introduction of the above-written applications. Now the students feel excited and charming to learn and study more in this modern era of education.



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