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4 Best Planning Trip to Himalayas



Best Planning Trip to Himalayas

For travelers having an inclination towards the mighty Himalayas, planning a Himalayan trip is something very exciting as well as confusing at the same time. These mountain lovers find it difficult to choose from the Buddhist monasteries lined and the snow-capped peaks and the high-altitude cold deserts. If you have also found yourself in this perplexing situation, here’s the best way to choose the best Himalayan trip.

Check out these major Himalayan trips across the 2,500kms area of the magnificent mountain range.

Ladakh – Little Tibet of India

Ladakh offers classic scenery of the Trans-Himalayan range – the massive khaki-colored valleys and rough rock walls look alive with the occasional greens. In Ladakh, people still follow the traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture and it is quite evident with its spectacular monasteries that come to life during the masked dance festivals that have barely changed over the last 500 years. It is a place for every kind of traveler showcasing something for everyone. Adventurers will enjoy the epic treks in the area whereas the nature admirers will go awestruck by the view of high-altitude mountain lakes.

Best time to plan a trip: June-September

How to Reach: Book cheap flights to Leh from Delhi. You can also cover Ladakh planning a Himalayan bike trip starting from Manali or Srinagar.

Recommended Itinerary: You can hire a bullet bike or a jeep to explore the ancient Lamayuru, Hemis and Thikse monasteries. A side trip to the turquoise lake, Pangong Tso will be an exceptional experience. Go on a five-day trek through Markha Valley.

Tibet – The roof of the world

The Tibetan plateau if the roof of Asia that remains hidden from the Indian subcontinent right behind the Great Himalayas’ ramparts. Even after the modernization brought about by the Chinese, The great monasteries of Tibet still continue to hum the religious mantras along with the flickering yak butter lamps. The soothing landscapes, along the verdant grasslands to the turquoise lakes at high altitudes, friendly Tibetans and a vibrant Buddhist culture are peculiar highlights of Tibet. The views are better than anything one would come across in Nepal. It is one of the best spiritual trips to the Himalayas you will ever plan.

Best time to plan a trip: Mid-May-September

How to Reach: Book flights from cities like Beijing, Kathmandu, and Chengdu to Lhasa. If you live in China, you can take the train to Lhasa.

Recommended Itinerary: Go for the 10-day requisite tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Stop by the incredible stupa at Gyantse and the medieval monastery in Sakya.

Nepal – Haven for Trekkers

The most ideal way to explore the Himalayas is on foot and the best of Himalayan Treks are experienced in Nepal. Imagine passing by the mountain paths with the charming stone Sherpa, Tamang villages and spinning prayer wheels along. The view of the 8,000 m peaks of Everest or Annapurna is magical and jaw-dropping at the same time. However, ensure all the safety precautions on the trek as you end the day with a hot dinner and cozy bed. You can make your holiday in the Himalayas better by planning a trip to Kathmandu Valley – to its medieval cities which were a Himalayan artistic powerhouse in the past. Do make sure to cross-check your Himalayan tour package on adding this itinerary with your travel agent.

Best time to plan a trip: March, April, October, and November

How to reach: Book flights to Kathmandu and if you want to explore the Everest Region, hop on a flight to Lukla. For a trekking experience, start from Pokhra, the base in the Annapurna region.

Recommended itinerary: Trek to the Everest Base Camp which is a 14 days trekking tour. If you add 4 days to your trip, you can also visit the spectacular Gokyo Valley mountain lakes.

Bhutan – To the Last Shangri-La

A memorable trip to the Himalayas can only be to the greatest surviving Himalayan Kingdom – Bhutan. You will feel breathing in a different air rooting to some other age. Wear the traditional dresses of Bhutan found easily in the local market. The thick forest carpets surviving for years cover a large part of the countryside. The Himalayan people like Brokpas and Layaps still live a life secured from the modern age. To put in simple words, Bhutan is a place nowhere else to be found on earth.

Best time to plan a trip: March, April, September, and October

How to Reach: Fly from Kathmandu, Bangkok or Delhi to Paro in Bhutan. You can also plan a road trip through the neighboring parts of India.

Recommended itinerary: Explore the magnificent Paro Valley and Tiger’s Nest Hermitage. Drive to the offbeat Haa Valley, Thimphu, and Punakha – the massive fortress-monastery. If possible plan your Himalayan trip sometime around the colorful monastic festivals (tsechus) of Bhutan.


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