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Is Bing PPC a better alternative to Promote CPA Marketing?



CPA Marketing

CPA marketing which stands for Cost-Per-Action/Acquisition is a popular internet marketing technique employed by lots of companies. So with CPA Marketing, it is all about obtaining leads for companies.

Even if nothing was purchased, they now have a lead and that person is usually most times, a part of an email list.

Subsequently, that person would receive email marketing offers and/or updates which could eventually lead to a sale.

Now, you may ask this question, what does CPA marketing have to do with Bing PPC advertising?

The direct answer is that Bing advertising can be a very profitable means to promote your CPA Marketing offers and make a better ROI than other advertising channels if done right.

Google VS Bing PPC-  Who Wins the Competiton?

If you place a comparison between Google and Bing to know which is more popular, Google literally takes it all.

Bing, on the other hand, is one of the most underestimated search engines for many of us.  Most advertisers choose Google Ads and potential customers just pass by. Bing has some certain features that keep them in competition as well as may give you, the marketer an edge.CPA Marketing :bing ppc vs adwords

If you are interested in the west market or perhaps you’re having insufficient Google Ads traffic or even want to have more conversions, then you need to sit tight and go through this article.

So, basically I will be telling you how Bing can be a valuable place for you to run Ads for your business.

Before that, however, let me disrupt some preconceived notions you may have about Bing and show you what it is truly capable of doing.

What makes Bing different?

As you know, placing adverts on search engines is nothing new. If you’re a newcomer though, digital marketing can be an overwhelming experience.  Add to it the fact that there’s more than one search engine available to you and that just adds to your confusion.CPA Marketing: bing ads difference

And if you want to search on the platform you want to advertise on, there’s no denying the fact that Google Adwords has a larger audience but then again, people still have alternative choices (we’re not just saying people but millions of them) and a major option is the Bing Network.

Since a vast population of people is on Bing, you would be missing out on some profitable leads your business could ask for. Furthermore, Bing Ads are displayed on three search engines (Bing, Yahoo, and AOL) instead of just one to give you a lot more reach. This invariably means that Bing is the second-best place to put your ads according to market shares.

Clicks on Bing Ads cost significantly lower than Google so if you have a limited budget, there is a better chance Bing will give you a better return on your money.

Advantages of using Bing Ads:

Low CPC.

Since competitiveness in Bing is weaker, therefore, traffic is cheaper. So, there is a low cost per click (CPC) especially in highly competitive niches like medicine, insurance, and jurisprudence. And also, ReportGarden reports that the average cost per click in Bing is 60% lower than in Google Ads.

Division into search and partners.

In Bing Ads, quite unlike others, you are given more than one alternative on the target search network and sites of partner websites where you want to place your adverts. You can either advertise only in Bing and Yahoo; on sites of search partners; as well as in all search networks at once.

You also have the ability to create a report and view which search partners drive traffic to the site and which of the sites should be excluded.

Different time zones for different campaigns.

Here, Ads are shown based on the location of the user. That is, additional settings are not required as Bing will do everything itself. This is unlike Google advertising where the time of the day is based only on the time zone selected when creating the account. For different countries, you would have to calculate the hours manually and set the schedule.

A Software that would make this even more enjoyable is Bing Bang Profits that helps with generating better and sustainable profits and revenue to you.  With the first-class secret technology it has, Bing Bang Profits will create unlimited profitable campaigns that will baffle you with fast results.

The Bottom Line.

There are lots of reasons to go with Bing Ad for your affiliate marketing. So if you want to manage advertising campaign in the US, connect to an audience of over 45, pay up to 70% less than in Google Ads per click, want more orders or if you don’t even know what to do, then Bing is your go-to.

So what are you waiting for?

You had better get started today with Bing Ads for they are indeed worth your time!

Fariss Mountasser is an aspiring digital entrepreneur who loves blogging, reading, and exploring the depth of the Internet Marketing World.He is the founder/owner at – A popular blog about digital marketing, seo, web design and sales funnels marketing.

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