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What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?



What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?

Commonly, travelers face cultural shocks in their traveling experiences. When I started traveling, this was a very disturbing element because of which I usually got upset. But with time, the cultural gaps were filled by experiences and more experiences. This notion has proved right in my City Holidays in Morocco that “Practice makes the man perfect”. Well, Today I’m telling you what cultural shocks you can face during your travel experiences along with my experiences.

Language Barrier, A Very Common Cultural Gap:


What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?


It makes you more frustrated if you see that you can’t even understand what the other people saying and communicating with each other. For me, it was so frustrating what the locals used to talk in the ears of each other about me. I got offended sometimes and reacted very wrongly. It never helped me to got good memories during my travel.

When I learned some foreign words from the places I used to visit, it then came to a comfortable mode. I then starting understanding the gestures and expressions of the people communicating. It comes with time and experience. So whenever you will travel to a strange place, that would make trouble for you. You just have to calm down and try to fill that gap.

Time Difference:

What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?

Time Difference like if people in the USA sleeps when in your town, there is day time. So this hour difference is common and varies from place to place. Rather than getting offended by the gap, try to fill that gap by different means. Get mentally ready to take new experiences. You may have sleepless nights, and that would make your daytime experience worse. Then you will find a thing that has ruined your trip.

Better is to understand, accept and solve that problem in advance. If you have to be a regular traveler, you should be a good adapter.

Environment, Weather:


What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?


Traveling from the UK to the other countries of Asia, Africa gets some changes in your environment. Your air changes and that can make you upset sometimes. My visit to Morocco got me in trouble when I experience so much hot in the last summer. It was hot there, but I adjusted there with time.

Search the pollution rate of the place you are intended to travel on your next trip. That also matters. Pollution includes sound pollution, air pollution and how the locals treat with the crap. You should travel to the clean places having something clean to offer. This thing mostly offends people. I’m that kind of sensitive person. So choose the right place so you would not face this type of cultural shock. Keep your health in priority.




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Cultural Norms, Traditions:


What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?


If you are traveling to a place where people are most sensitive and harsh in terms of their traditions and cultural norms, you should not disturb the norms and traditions. What you should do is to follow them and adapt to take the right traditional experiences.

The dressing is the real concern when I travel to Muslim countries. I have to wear a normal wardrobe because there are places where people don’t accept travelers breaking or going against their cultural norms.

Don’t Be Critical About Religion and Believes:


What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?


If you are at the place where people are more sensitive to their beliefs and social structure which fetch its values from their religion, Explore them but don’t hurt others making a foul argument on anyone’s believes. That would make you in trouble eventually. What you should do is explore and enjoy the trip discovering new behaviors, believes and traditions.

Never Compare Things – Open To Learning New Things:


What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?


It is a positive attitude towards exploring and learning new things in life through travel. I also adapted things and now I feel I’m more friendly, not racist, not stereotypical, open-minded and diverse in my personality. I see these things as my quality. You should also follow and polish these things in you. You would feel better.

Don’t compare any new thing with something better you ever had in other cultures. Always find a good thing to adapt and enjoy. Your accepting behavior would bring you better experiences to believe me. In my experiences of roaming more than 55 countries, I have experienced and learned this thing a lot. Be the friends of locals, they would welcome you with the very kind gestures and delights.

Stay Active, And Explore:


What Is The Biggest Cultural Shock You Have Ever Faced?


Stay active of the things happening around and explore. This is what you are traveling for. So why to be a spectator or an investigator or stereotypical. These things would ruin your experience. Stay calm, relax and distress your veins basking on the beaches, roaming in the old and modern cities, Shop, eat and whoop.




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