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Biometric Clock-The Choice Of New Generation



Biometric Clock-The Choice Of New Generation

Before understanding what a biometric clock, it is imperative to understand what biometric technology is and how does it work.

What is Biometric?

Biometrics is a technical term meaning to seek advice from measurements and body calculations. It refers to metrics associated with human characteristics. Biometric technology refers to the identification of realistic authentication. Biometric authentication or realistic authentication is employed in computing as a variety of identification and access management. It was previously used in Police investigation. In the age of technical advancement, everything is being modernized and the clocks are also not left behind. The new clocks are being introduced by the companies with the biometric feature installed in it.

Biometric Clock-The Choice Of New Generation


Biometric Clock Time and Attendance System

Biometric Clocks have features for tracking more advanced time and attendance systems. These clocks use physical characteristics for the identification of the user instead of relying on a chip or code. This most importantly includes fingerprint, a digital vein, a vein palmar. Etc.

Biometric readers often use access system control. It allows the user to have access to a building while recording the time and date. These systems also try to reduce fraud, such as “Buddy Clocking”.

The adoption of the resulting biometric clock systems has led to public policy initiatives that require the use of additional compliance methods to ensure privacy

Why Install Biometric Clocks?

Supervisors keep a manual record of the time and presence of their employees. Few people still use spreadsheets to calculate attendance, which is one of the most mundane yet crucial aspects of personnel management. These obsolete measurement tools cannot prevent problems such as time theft or the hitting of friends affecting human resources.

A secure alternative to point cards and paper spreadsheets, a biometric clock is more than a wave for the future. In its purest form, the scanner reads the unique fingerprints of each employee.


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Advantages of Biometric Clocks

  1. Biometric clocks help in better scanning and tracking.
    Through the use of multispectral sensors, software companies provide clock scanners that can filter out grease, dirt, moisture, sweat and even gloves. This advanced technology works safely and accurately in real life.
  2. Biometric clocks and employee management
    Biometric technology works well for employee management. The growing popularity of biometric-based terminals in terms of time and presence offers many benefits. They are created in such a way that it reads unique characteristics of a human i.e. fingerprint. This allows each employee to respect their time and not that of someone else. Management can work on handling the employee redressal effectively by using biometric clocks.
  3. Biometric clocks and accountability
    The accountability in the companies increases to a great extent. Biometric clocks calculate and track the movement of all the employees working in the company. The data collected from the watches can be used in the process of audit and inspection. Biometric clocks most importantly increase the authority and responsibility.
  4. Biometric clocks and better control
    All the employee movements are tracked in this advanced clock with a biometric feature. It gives the management the scope to improve and enhance the quality of control. The issues like absence, late coming, and the administration can address other aspects of employee grievances. As a result of the productivity of the employees increases.
  5. Biometric clocks and job satisfaction
    Morale can be damaged when employees spend more time without additional privileges. Supervisors can identify employees who are performing poor or good with biometric clock data. By using the precise presence information entered, they can reward employees accordingly.
Biometric Clock-The Choice Of New Generation


Conclusion:  Today, more and more companies want better solutions to measure the actual work hours of their employees. In this research, they begin to discover the benefits of using biometric clocks.

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