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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Who has better online deals?



Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Who has better online deals?

The holiday season is approaching and this means two of the biggest sales of the year are also coming up, Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday. Behold the magnificent Black Friday and the crazy Cyber Monday. Black Friday is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which means this year it will be on 29th of November. On the other hand, Cyber Monday tends to be on the Monday after Thanksgiving, so it will be celebrated on the 2nd of December this time.

The deals on both days are much anticipated by all the crazy shoppers around the world. But there’s more to both of these days. So how can you decide the day when you should grab these discounts? Let’s figure it out.

Differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If we talk about the deals and discounts, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their own markets to cover. And after each sale, they get profound results in terms of monetary values. But the tradition of Black Friday dates back to decades. Previously, Black Friday was considered a retail sale. Even today, people stand in huge lines outside of Target, Wal-Mart, and similar stores to get products on discounted prices and deals.

However, many deals on Black Friday are available online as well. You can simply google the best black Friday deals 2019 and you’ll find sites offering discounts on mobiles, laptops, headphones, and possibly all kinds of technology. Therefore, it’s a misconception that black Friday is still a retail sale. Anyone can avail of prices online on e-commerce websites as well.

Why do we need Cyber Monday then? Apart from the deep sales and much-intended hype of Black Friday, Cyber Monday is in the same boat. It dates back to 2005 and before that, the technology world was termed as ‘Cyber World.’ The selling structure of both days differs a lot though. Cyber Monday offers deals on electronics. So if you want to have the latest grill set, for example, buying it on Cyber Monday will be a good choice.

Similarly, if you prefer buying from the comfort of your couch, Cyber Monday is better. It sometimes contains even deeper prices than the Black Friday. However, it depends on you and how much you’re willing to take risks with the products.

The Discounts Available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday offers discounts on almost all the products through a wide range of mediums. Be it the retail stores or E-commerce websites. It is an internationally renowned sale, considered the biggest of the year. From breaking of the doors to the crashing of the servers, Black Friday gets huge footfall and traffic on the day, due to a high number of raging consumers.

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday simply provides an online shopping experience. The consumers who like to shop from the ease of their own homes are very much into it. However, Cyber Monday has great deals when it comes to home appliances. If you want to get a microwave, you can happily scratch that off your list. Along with these, clothing brands are also very much affiliated with e-commerce websites. Brands like CustomizeJackets offer huge discounts and deals on their outfits.

However, to prevent impulsive buying of wrong products, we have organized a few guidelines for you. By sticking to this plan of action, you can make the most out of these deals.

Plan out:

Shopping for holidays can be quite tedious and challenging. It’s better to plan out everything in detail and make a comprehensive shopping list. What products are necessary to buy? Which ones will you prefer to buy if you can find them? What is your budget? Having an idea back in your mind before shopping can help you to avoid all unnecessary hassle.

Make a list:

If you go on a mission without weapons, it can take a lot of time to redeem yourself. The shopping experience is quite similar to this scenario. Your weapon aka your shopping checklist is crucial to avail the best shopping experience. Having a list in your hand will surely direct all your focus on buying the necessary products. You won’t be urged to buy over-hyped things on major discounts. When shopping online, you can have your list in the hand and scratch out the products that you have dropped in your cart.

Strategize your game plan:

It is imperative to strategize yourself and there are multiple ways to do so. The authentic way is to stay connected on social media platforms with your preferred brands and products, as well as the sales and discounts they are offering. Log in to your social media accounts and stay put for the deals, combos, and cut prices for your desired products. The promotion of these products starts a few days before the actual day or even the night before. Therefore, we advise you to stay up late the night before to grab the deals quickly.

Which one has better online deals: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

This entirely depends on the products you want the most. The deals will start being uploaded and marketed from the start of November. You should calculate the cut-price, analyze the products, and weigh the pros and cons. If you find a product that checked all the boxes on your list, you should get it. Black Friday has been around for decades. In comparison, Cyber Monday started in 2005 but is still managing to become the potent sale of the year. This emphasis on the world of shopping is penetrating to the virtual world.

If you want luxurious things, expensive or latest generation products, you should opt for Black Friday and their maximum discounts. If you need electronics, you can choose Cyber Monday. In addition, if you want a product that is not currently in the trend, you can have it from Cyber Monday sale. But when you can benefit from both equally, why choose one? After all, it is for customer satisfaction and we the consumers are very satisfied with the shopping on both days.


There are no boundaries to stop you from getting the perfect gift for your loved ones or the TV you have been eyeing to get the entire month. It can be yours in no time. After all, these sales are for their consumers, that is, you. Although Black Friday offers amazing deals, Cyber Monday makes it easy for people to shop from the comfort of their homes. It provides amazing discounts, with affiliation from Amazon and other thriving online platforms. No matter which day you decide to shop, try availing the discounts, as much as your savings can back you up. And with that, don’t forget to enjoy the spirit of the holidays with your loved ones.


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