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Blockchain – The Invisible technology that is changing the world



Blockchain – The Invisible technology that is changing the world

Blockchain technology is different from your usual tech. Since security breaches are easier than they’ve ever been (you can edit a Wikipedia page, for crying out loud), this technology, being able to protect us from a seemingly unstoppable threat, is a life-saver. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning the authenticity of things that you find on the internet, blockchain is the answer to your prayers. It will allow you to be able to put faith in the things you may find online, so you never have to say or believe the phrase “don’t believe everything you see on the internet” again. Great topics indeed, something that can provide you with best assignment help UK for sure.

Here are some of the reasons why blockchain is literally changing the world as we speak.

Bitcoin who? We don’t know them anymore

Contrary to popular belief, crypt-o-currencies aren’t all that blockchain is useful for. Its an association with crypt-o-currencies has tarnished its image and made newly emerging businesses not even consider the possibility of using it to their benefit, which keeps it from getting the exposure it deserves. This technology could truly change the world, were it given the chance, and now that it is slowly getting rid of its association with things such as Ether and Bitcoin, it can finally live up to its true potential.

  • Despite blockchain being around for a few decades now, its uses have only recently started being discovered
  • More awareness needs to be caused by the uses of blockchain so that it can be utilized to its full potential by newly emerging businesses and organizations.

Safe and scam-free services

When you look at a Wikipedia page for a school project, do you feel the need to question its authenticity? Blockchain will help eliminate your trust issues for good. This technology has the power to protect all online information, in fact, that’s what its whole purpose is – storing data. Due to the lack of awareness of this technology, con artists sometimes use it to trick internet surfers by putting up ads that are viruses in disguise. An example would be ads you see on gaming and video streaming websites that say things like “Get Rich Fast!” You cannot trust them, because their sole purpose is to trick gullible people into exposing their personal information to hackers and such.

  • Blockchain, as the name suggests, is literally a chain of blocks, where each block contains a certain amount of online data
  • This data cannot be accessed by anyone except those that own it, which makes it the safest way to store data online

A shiny new toy?

Being as new as it is, this technology will be a great attention grabber to anyone starting a business. Small organizations and serial businessmen can jump at this amazing opportunity and learn about the endless benefits. Investors will want to see what it’s about, and once they do, it will begin to get popular and its application will finally be able to spread to places where it’s needed, but not used only due to the fact that it is not very well known.

  • This will give a great start to the businesses of serial entrepreneurs while maintaining honesty and trust in every business setting it is used in
  • Unprecedented ways to store data will be discovered and used, revolutionizing the way most businesses operate. It’s like creating a whole new world where everything related to personal data is safe and secure.

All this and more

Let’s talk about what blockchain can really bring to the table, shall we? Blockchain technology has several real-world uses that we have as yet been unfamiliar with. Let’s talk about some of them, shall we? Not only will it protect all of your data online, but it can also be used for things like monitoring certain legal processes as well, things that are nearly impossible to do manually and consume a lot of time. Nothing important will be overlooked again with the help of this technology, and all your data protection needs will easily be catered to, which in-turn will make running a business easier than it has ever been before. These uses will increase overall productivity in organizations and will make everything more practical, which is why this tech has been predicted to stand out in upcoming years by several influential people in the tech world.

  • Security purposes
  • Decentralization
  • Monitoring supply chains
  • Data sharing
  • Royalty protection

We all want stability

A lot of businesses and organizations have to deal with the fear of constantly changing market values because it would directly affect their yield. Even crypt-o-currencies such as bitcoin can’t be fully trusted when it comes to this, because of the uncertainty in their value. This could seriously cause people to go into possibly irreversible losses. However, now that Stable Coin has been given rise, we no longer have to worry about this particular problem. What is it, you ask? In case you haven’t heard of it before, It is a stable monetary system which prevents its users to be protected from real-world problems in any industry, such as market crashes. Imagine not having to worry about your businesses going into loss because of something you can’t even control; what a concept!

  • Market values have nothing on you or your business anymore!
  • Invest wherever you want without worries


Dominik Ernst is a 33-year-old finance manager with a Ph.D. in accounting, along with being a part-time writer. He was passionate about writing ever since he was a kid and even the best assignment writer’s benefit from the tips he gives through his blogs and website newsletters. In his free time, he likes to garden.


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