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There’s No Such Thing As ‘Blue Light Blocking Glasses’



Blue Light

We’re well aware that the blue light emitted from the digital devices harms the eyes and overall well-being. This is the reason professionals always advice on protecting the eyes from digital devices or reduces use time. Most of the people take steps to protect the eyes by wearing quality eyewear but in real, it does the opposite by harming the eyes in more than one way. Research has concluded that most of the eyewear which claims to block the blue light fail and don’t offer protection as promised.

Screen, Blue Light & Your Eyes

We live and breathe in the digital world where toddlers now commonly fiddle with tablets and smartphones instead of the usual safe toys, books, jigsaw puzzles, and building blocks. For parents, it’s all too convenient carrying a single device instead of a bag filled with stationary and other such toys which lead to increase screen time thereby escaping the blue light seems nearly impossible to even for the little ones. Before we proceed further, know that this ‘blue light’ powers up the digital screen, make them brighter which is why the LED lights have become more powerful.

Although natural light is a composite of seven different colors or lights, extracting one in particular and thinking of it being the safest is the biggest mistake we all make. Its obvious UV rays emitted by the sun does harm our body if unrepelled, blue light mightn’t be life-threatening in the same way but not safe for overall well-being especially when directly exposed to the eyes. From mobile phones to computers, laptops and even television, all emit blue light which means complete escape is impossible but, you can surely be careful.

Health Concerns

With time, more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of blue light, it also increases the tendency to learn about protection and safety precautions to take on the safe use of digital devices. For now, overexposure to the screen causes fatigue in the eye which triggers a chain reaction all across the body. Things can be worse for patients who’re already suffering from some eye diseases or perhaps underwent vitrectomy surgery or any other per se.

Digital eye strain is one of the most common conditions associated with overexposure to blue light causing pain, headache, sting in the neck and even fatigued eye. The condition is more common and worse among those having such nature of job which requires long hours in front of the screens. That said, it also triggers sleep disorders causing grogginess in the morning even after a good night’s rest and can even cause seizures in rare cases.

Blue light also increases the risk of macular degeneration earlier than the age of this particular eye disorder while contributing to temporary blindness termed as transient smartphone blindness.

Debunking the Myths of Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Some of the market products don’t work the way they’re introduced, claimed or marketed, especially when it comes to blue light blocking glasses. Companies that are engaged in selling such products promise these glasses would make consumers sleep better, reduce digital eye strain and protect the eye from any further damage but in reality, all or most of the promises shatter eventually. Read more Lifestyle stories here. 

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