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8 Budget-friendly resorts in Sikkim for a Romantic Honeymoon




Celebrating your Honeymoon in a budget-friendly resort is a perfect time to travel and spend quality moments with your spouse to begin the journey of a lifetime within your budget limit. This special journey has to be splendid, romantic and filled with memorable treasures.

The princely state of Sikkim with its snowcapped mountains, resplendent landscapes, scenic beauty, and the murky sky is the ultimate honeymoon destination for a romantic getaway.

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas this eco-friendly state is widely known for cleanliness, organic living, and colorful surroundings.

With the right Sikkim Honeymoon Packages, you can feel the serenity of Sikkim in budget-friendly travel options. Instead of spending a fortune in building a comfortable itinerary, you can pull off a great honeymoon holiday in budgeted prices. Here are some of the budget-friendly resorts in Sikkim that promise a romantic Honeymoon.

Summit Golden Crescent Resort and Spa, Gangtok

Summit Hotels are widely known for their hospitality and service. In Gangtok, the Summit Golden Crescent Resort and Spa is a pristine resort with a view of Mount Kanchenjunga. Near the Palzor Stadium, this is a delightful resort with luxurious rooms, mountain view balconies, spa services, game lounge, rooftop lounge and more.

The resort is a great stay for the honeymoon couples who want to explore luxury services in budget-friendly cost. With spa and rejuvenation therapies this hotel crafts experience in itself. The lounge bars and scenic view adds to the glory of this resort.

Sikkim Retreat Sterling Gangtok

Built on a hillside property the luxury hotel with mountain views, greenery, and view of Mount Kanchenjunga, the resort is a sultry experience. Located near to the Do-drul Chorten Stupa, this property fancies world-class facilities with an edge. Like a rustic house in snow-covered land and forests, this resort gives an exquisite experience of stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The wood styled rooms with antique décor and beauty resemble a palatial outlay giving the newlyweds perfect aura of romance. Walk into the forest, explore the natural beauty or soak into the beauty of resort – this is a one of a kind resort to book for a budget-friendly Sikkim honeymoon package.

The Nettle & Fern Hotel

A few kilometers away from the M.G. Marg of Gangtok, The Nettle & Fern Hotel is a modern hotel with cozy rooms, spectacular views and relishing food experience. The rooms are spacious and have all the modern-day facilities with balconies that overlook the Rumtek Hill and other mountain peaks.

On a walking distance from the hub of Gangtok, this hotel is pocket-friendly and encapsulates a comfortable experience. Couples looking for sorted food choices and in-house cafes and restaurants that serve the best of food, this hotel fits into their honeymoon package with just the right offerings for the guests.

Delight Royal Lachung

For the honeymooners looking for off-beat experiences in Sikkim, Lachung is a village that celebrates local culture, traditions and laid back style of life. The untouched beauty of the village with surrounding views is an ecstatic experience. The Delight Royal Lachung is carefully nestled in the hills of Lachung Valley giving beautiful panoramic views of the valleys.

This hotel is rather simple but offers spacious and comfortable rooms for the honeymooners to have their private time. With amenities that meet the needs of travelers and delicious food – it is surely a pick in Lachung Valley!

Rabdentse Residency, Pelling

The paradise of Peilling remains mostly snow-covered round the year. It is often referred to as Switzerland of Sikkim. It is the ultimate destination for the honeymooners to witness the beauty of snow-covered land and excruciate view of the mountainous landscapes.

The Rabdentse Residency is the most sought after lodging service in Pelling with unfussy rooms, comfortable lounging, and modern-day facilities. Decorated with Sikkimise’s influence and Tibetan cultured items, this residency is an insider experience of staying in a local residency with Tibetan and Sikkimese culture. Lay in the comfortable rooms and enjoy the snow land views up close.

Magpie Pachhu Village

Like a vintage house let out on rent, this stunning property a few kilometers from Pelling is a beautiful place to make a stay during your honeymoon. The vintage-style décor paired with comfortable lounging and spacious rooms makes it one of the most ideal places to experience romance in the air.

Magpie Pachhu Village is known for its in-house restaurant that serves local and international cuisine. For a secluded time in the comforts of a luxurious hotel that overlooks the snow-capped mountains, local markets, and surrounding forests – this is the place to be!

Udaan Woodberry Hotel & Spa

One of the most budget-friendly, comfortable and stunning hotels of Gangtok – Udaan Woodberry Hotel & Spa is a honeymooner’s paradise. Off the Upper Burtuk road from Gangtok, this delightful resort has its resplendent presence with a modern outlook and lavish décor.

The hotel design, property and the overlooking beauty in it, charm the travelers around. Overlooking the timeless tranquility of the Himalayas, this ancient style modern hotel brings together luxury rooms, scenic view, spa services, swimming pools and all other modern facilities that newlyweds can look for in a hotel. It is one of the budget-friendly hotels in Sikkim that offers spa and swimming pool services too.

The Golden Crest Hotel

Just near the Deorali Bazaar in Gangtok, The Golden Crest Hotel is a popular name for its lounging services and hospitality. It is one of the low key luxury hotels that maintain its prices while offering an array of services to the guests. The rooms have their personalized balconies that overlook the Gangtok Bazaar and the forests and mountains on the backdrop.

Close to the Namgyal Institue of Tibetology, and Banjhakri Falls, the hotel brings a lot of tourist places nearby. For a relaxed stay around the market in Gangtok, this is a pocket-friendly hotel with services that comfort.

You do not have to splurge on hotel bills for a fulfilling stay in Sikkim. These luxuries yet budget-friendly resorts and hotels are designed to perfection to fit into the choices of honeymooners, families and friends alike for the time worth cherishing!

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