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Business Cards: Advantages and Importance in Business



Business Cards

Business cards are probably the pieces of printed communication that have best withstood the thrust of digital marketing. The business card remains an essential element in the day-to-day business relationships of companies.

In the case of companies of a certain dimension, the mission of providing business cards to company employees usually falls to the purchasing or marketing departments; We also have the case of SMEs and the self-employed, all of them will need at one time or another to know how to make business cards, that is, how to layout and print them.

Advantages of business cards

Business cards remain an essential element in the world of business. The attempts to replace them with digital media have been only partially successful since, in the practice of face-to-face business relationships, the simplest and most effective way is to provide our interlocutor with a printed business card.

There are several reasons why printing business cards is still an excellent decision today:

First, they generate credibility

The simple fact of having a corporate card confers identity, creates a brand.

They facilitate the commercial contact: Being a physical element they are easy to locate and recover, so at the moment when the potential client requires the services we offer you will find in a specific place (the card) all the contact information that needs to.


They are flexible

Corporate business cards not only serve to be delivered in a business meeting but can be used or included in any postal marketing activity, such as in the sending of advertising (flyers, leaflets) or catalogs, of personalized or massive form and can even be integrated as another element within multichannel advertising campaigns: this is the case of QR codes or that of business cards with Augmented Reality .

Despite its advantages and although ordering small runs online is relatively simple, renewing business cards can be a real headache.


Well, because there can be many “undesirable” circumstances: For example, waste and lack of uniformity are almost guaranteed if each employee makes their own cards in their own way and with the provider of their choice.

Due to economy of scale and efficiency in management, the most reasonable thing is that the acquisition of business cards is centralized in a department, usually Purchasing.

And this is where the new service that we are going to present comes into play.

Is it necessary to have a business card?

The way of relating to others and the environment has been shaken by the arrival of the digital era. There is no denying that technologies and social networks have changed the way we interact, having a click away from other people’s professional or personal profiles thanks to platforms such as Twitter or Linkedin. In this scenario, what happened to those business cards with our data? Is it necessary to print business cards at this time or are they no longer useful?

In the middle of the technological era, for many, the era in which business cards were given is over and it seems that they no longer have a place in this new digital scenario. There are many who believe that it is ineffective to give a business card because we can obtain much more information about people at the click of a button. However, the reality is that business cards still exist and are still very present, being used as a complement to all the information that circulates from us on the network.

Why is it important to have business cards?

Contrary to what many may think, it is always convenient to carry business cards on top. Imagine yourself at a work meeting, do you really think that someone will take out your cell phone to search for you on Linkedin? However, to all the people to whom you deliver your business card, it will be saved, and they will already have your contact and your data so that they can quickly locate you through digital media.

Undoubtedly, business cards have become over the years a very powerful cover letter that summarizes who you are, what you do and where and how to locate you. In addition, business cards have become part of a kind of ritual that we can see in each work meeting that undoubtedly has a vocation for permanence and seems to last over time.

How to print business cards?

There are many platforms that will help you print business cards. On the one hand, we must bear in mind that the shape and size of the card will tell us a lot. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose good quality material and of good thickness. Ideally, the card should include the corporate logo of the company and, very clearly, the full name, postal and electronic address, and the telephone number through which they can contact you. Keep in mind that graphic design is very important, so you will have to pay special attention to the choice of colors and the originality of the card, as you can call attention to the person you give it to. If you are a Dubai resident, there are many business card printing in Dubai that offers high-quality business cards and the latest designs.

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