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Ceramic Coating Myths



Ceramic Coating Myths


Ceramic coating is very popular for a lot of car enthusiasts at this age. The protection you can get from the ceramic coating is unrivaled and can certainly have a lot of benefits for your vehicle.

But, there are some ceramic coating myths you need to watch out for and debunk before getting one done for yourself. Some of the truths are often stretched with these coatings and you need a realistic point of view before you dive in and get one. 


Ceramic Coating For Chip Resistance

If you applied a ceramic coating from the shop or own your own, you can create a chip-resistant surface on your car. As much as it’s hopeful to think that this will work, it won’t.

Ceramic coatings are solid surfaces. To be able to make a chip-resistant car, the surface must be pliable enough to absorb impact. But the build of the car requires density and the coatings will not offer the chip resistance you need.

If you want something chip-resistant you’ll need to use a paint protection film. This is made from durable polymers that can absorb the impact of small rocks. The self-healing properties of this film can handle most small rocks but if the rock is big enough, it will definitely penetrate the film. 


Ceramic Coatings Are Fire Resistant 

Ceramic coatings do not make your car fire-resistant. Most tests done on cars use low-temperature burning fuel to simulate this effect. This low-temperature fuel doesn’t do enough damage to the car to burn through the coating.

However, this test will show you how it works well against UV ray damage. Low-burning fuel and UV rays are the only things your car will be protected from when you use a ceramic coating.


Ceramic Coatings Are Scratch-Proof

Ceramic coating is scratch-resistant, not scratch proof. When its properly applied, your surface can become scratch-resistant. The most resistance you can get is from swirl marks when wiping your car.

However, most manufacturers will recommend that you avoid using circular motions when washing. It’s a bit more effort as you have to work in sections but that’s just a small sacrifice when you have the ceramic coating in your car.  


Ceramic Coatings Let You Skip Out On Car Shampoo

It’s easier to wash off any debris on your car with a ceramic coating but that doesn’t mean you should totally skip out on the car shampoo. Stubborn debris and particles can still stick on the surface of your car and you need to gently wash this off to keep your car clean.

Water will not cut it and if you want to maintain your car properly you need to use car shampoo every two weeks. This also helps preserve the integrity of the surface and maintains it.


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Ceramic Coating Makes Your Car More Glossy 

Ceramic coating is best applied to new cars. This preserves the surface of the car and keeps it looking brand new. When you place a coated car beside an uncoated one, naturally, your coated car will look better.

But this only applies if you’ve coated the car when it was brand new and fixed. Otherwise, a coated car with dents and scratches will immediately emphasize any of these defects and flaws.

However, you can add extra gloss by applying wax over the coating. So be sure to approach an expert before having it coated. They will clean any debris, contaminants, swirl marks, and haze marks. It’s important to remove this so that it won’t lock in under the surface.


Ceramic Coatings Can Be Applied On Your Own

There are tons of tutorials online that say you can apply it on your own. It seems tempting to do as it might be cheaper but if you have no experience you can easily mess up the results.

If you want to get the best of your money, just approach a professional to do your job for you. An accredited or licensed detailer can help you achieve the best results for the coating.

Also if you apply the ceramic coating on your own, you need a clean, sterile, and well-lit environment. This means you can’t do this outside or in your garage. You will need to build a specialized room to contain your car and keep dirt and debris away from it. 


Key Takeaway

These are some of the ceramic coating myths you need to watch out for. It’s important to think realistically about your investment.

Approach an accredited detailer that’s an expert in ceramic coating. Also double-check if their tools are of high quality and they maintain a good work environment.

Before you get started to make sure that your car is properly detailed and cured of any scratches or bumps. Then you can enjoy after these initial steps!



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