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7 Ways Chatbots are Improving Customer Services



7 Ways Chatbots are Improving Customer Services

Businesses, especially in the retail industry, dream of the day to streamline interactions between products and customers. If that’s paired with around the clock services that don’t break the budget, it would be a treat. Great news for everyone, this dream can be achieved through chatbots.

Gartner’s research says that 25 percent of customer service operations will use virtual customer service assistants by 2020.

Chatbots aren’t new, they have been around for a while now. They have been playing a critical role in enhancing customer experience. Given that lots of startup businesses cannot afford to hire virtual assistants that operate 24 hours to provide support, having a virtual agent like a chatbot is a blessing. If you are wondering how this can technology help your support team, here’s all you need to know:

1. Instant Support

Customers want answers to their questions immediately. I recently created an app for my manufacturing service business to streamline operations. I couldn’t afford to hire MFG staffing experts to find a pool of talented customer service agents for me. I took the affordable road and incorporated chatbot service in my product’s app. My clients were highly pleased with the service!

Chatbots are fast. The best part is if they are unable to provide the right answer, the customer can request a human agent to address their concern as well. They won’t have to turn to other channels for help.

2. Personalized Experience

Customers of today crave for personalization. And personalization is much more than connecting them to the right offer. It’s also about making them believe that whenever they land to your website, they are treated as a valuable customer.

Chatbots free the support team from the cumbersome task of addressing basic queries. Your team will now have more time at hand to give each customer attention and offer a personalized solution.

We all have our experiences with customer care leaving a bad taste in our mouths. Even if you are using a chatbot, your goal must be to make sure your customers never feel disrespected and unappreciated.

3. Problem Solving In Real-Time

Artificial Intelligence is a highly useful tool to not just gather but organize large data. Using the chatbot technology, your service team can identify bugs, share concerns and make the conversations more productive.

Having a chatbot added to your website or social media pages also means you can now identify the common customer problems. Let’s say you have been receiving a lot of queries related to an error with the billing page. Find out what’s causing the error and have it fixed.

Fixing the error comes at a later stage though. First, your team must offer a real-time solution to the problem. They must empathize with the customers and offer all possible help to complete the order right away.




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4. Around the Clock Support

Here comes another perk of having a chatbot. Unlike human beings, chatbots don’t need to sleep. When your agents are unavailable, a chatbot can assist customers and provide them with links to resources containing FAQs and other guides.

Yes, there will be situations where the bot cannot help. In this case, the bot indicates the availability of human agents to let the customer know about the right time to ping again. This way, the customer doesn’t wait around for a response.

5. Chatbots Are Evolving

Chatbots don’t just rely on Artificial Intelligence to answer questions only. They also use this technology for improving the quality of support. The bot keeps on adding similar phrases and sentences in its knowledge bank to predict the user’s next question and answer it correctly.

With this sort of ongoing training, bots can improve their responses and address the concerns of customers without making them feel lost. It will be a human-like experience.

6. Consistent User Experience

Bots are highly useful in establishing a consistent branding experience for customers. You are in complete control of the language, tone, and voice used in the responses. This means you won’t have to encounter “We do not say that” cases.

The consistency of responses also depends on how accurate your bot is. But there are so many common technical problems that never happen like support email going to spam, missing a customer chat by accident, mistyping something, etc. Your customers can expect accurate and consistent responses at all times.

7. Millennials Live Chatbots

It shouldn’t go without saying that millennials are a big fan of chatbots. They are comfortable talking to bots. They also feel bots can offer better customer service that human beings. Chatting with a bot gives them the opportunity to avoid the dread felt when talking to a human over live support session. They admire a seamless experience like the one provided by chatbots. If you are a retail company, you wouldn’t want to miss that.

Final Words

Chatbots are taking customer service experience to another level. Especially if you are running an IT business, don’t mind skipping the need to contact IT staffing agencies to find good virtual assistants. Use chatbots instead and save the expense.



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Rosie Harman is a tech blogger and enthusiast currently writing on AI, ML, Chatbots and technology application in business.

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