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Chiara Magni Shares her Source of Inspiration and The Purpose Of Her Art



Chiara Magni Share her Source of Inspiration and The Purpose Of Her Art

Chiara Magni is a 31-year old professional painter from Italy. She currently resides in the North of Italy by Garda Lake, a place where she draws much of her inspiration from. 

Drawing and painting were a huge part of Chiara’s childhood as she enjoyed expressing her imaginative ideas by drawing, painting, and creating aesthetics on surfaces. 

In 2014, she finally began to sell her art. It wasn’t easy at first, and she faced a lot of challenges. But she was determined to make a living from her art, and regardless of everything that came up, she never gave up. Today, Chiara is a successful artist that inspires people. 

In this article, we will learn where Chiara Magni draws her inspiration from and the purpose of her art.


Source of Inspiration

Every artist has a thing that stimulates creativity in them. It could be listening to music, travelling, or interacting with strangers. To Chiara, inspiration is quite inseparable from her. There’s always something in her daily routine that contributes to a strong urge for her to create art every day; it could be the weather, a family walking down the streets, or even a conversation with a friend. 

The universe, galaxy, stars, and nature are important to Chiara’s art just as it is to other artists. However, they mean more to her. She tends to feel a positive sentiment during the night time more than any other time of the day. This is why the dark hours are personal to her. Staying under a starry sky, observing the milky way, and enjoying the darkness of the night gives so much spiritual power to Chiara. This accounts for the dramatic skies depicted in some of her paintings. 


Purpose of Her Art

Art is undoubtedly powerful. Every artist aims to evoke a certain emotion with their art, and Chiara is not left out. She’s always interested in knowing what people have to say, not to shake her uncertainty but to stay connected and real to them.

All her efforts go into making a piece that really speaks to people’s souls, shakes them, and changes their mood.

In her words;

“With my art, I want to take the observer into a new universe, a parallel world, a place where he can be happy and feel free, a place where he can dream. We live in a crazy world; there is chaos, confusion, criminality, and you name it. I believe in the power of art and its ability to make wonders and heal the soul.”


The Journey So Far

The Journey so far for Chiara has been tough, but it has also been filled with a lot of exciting moments. There were challenges along the way, but because she was determined to make a living as a painter, she was able to get through it all. 

Chiara Magni is the definition of strength, and there’s a lot to learn from her journey. When I asked her how she was able to get through it all, she had a lot to say. But since I can’t put it all out here, I’ve created a summary of her most important words.

“This path takes a lot of hard work, and you need to be the first one believing in yourself. Too many times, we doubt ourselves and our abilities, but what we should be doing is believing 100% in ourselves and in our abilities. 

Also, try not to be too hard on yourself when things aren’t working out. Being hard on yourself prevents you from producing art and enjoying the process. 

Be sure to give yourself time, and no matter how tough things get, do not give up.”




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