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City Guide 101: How to spend 24 hours in Guelph?



City Guide 101: How to spend 24 hours in Guelph?

Why fall in love with the cities you have never been to when you can have the perfect opportunity right under your nose?

For a traveler, nothing is as remarkable as the journey in itself but the destination counts into the equation of happiness as well. Cities are marvels of human creations right? With an urban and eclectic mix of new buildings and attractions, they attract people regardless of their nationalities.

When you experience Canada – Familiar terrain with unfamiliar roads

Without a single doubt, Canada has remarkable land. Ontario is distinguished as the cities within the boundary. Each city and town has its character and personality that adds charm to the province of Ontario. Those who travel a lot find familiar ways to travel that’s why it’s not so hard for them to discover the hidden gems of a country.

That’s how I discovered Guelph with a variety of things to do. With time constraints in mind and lots of places to cover, I only had 24 hours to spend my day in Guelph (I was invited on a Christmas wedding to Lake Simcoe) as pre-wedding festivities.

Grabbing the opportunity I booked limo service Guelph and went on the touring spree of Guelph.

Guelph is impressive guys

It’s a flurry of streets and nature fusion in a perfect balance for the onlooker. Once I started the adventure spree the very first location I visited was the Baker Street Station.

Yes, of all of the places to visit this was my first stop. When I’m excited I tend to get hungry so before visiting any other eye-catching splash place, I decided to fill up my tummy. As it turns out, Guelph has quite popular in demand eateries spread around the town. This dining-go experience on a Sunday seemed to tackle me with their best Sunday brunch menu with a salmon gravlax sandwich and baby spinach on the side with a fresh-squeezed orange juice.

If you ask me, that was a perfect way to start my day.


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Downtown Guelph is the beating heart

Like the rest of sister towns, Guelph is not without its fair share of historic Victorian-era buildings. Downtown Guelph is all about its historical remnants such as Wellington Street or Norwich Street in the North. One feature was the most prominent of all, the limestone architecture in heritage buildings.

Turns around large limestone reservoirs were discovered and had been under the quarrying process.

Nature welcomes you in Rockwood Conservation Area

Taking another quick stop, after discovering, to wow factor of downtown straight is the Eramosa River. This conversation area is an open example of limestone cliffs and caves.

Did you know that there are gigantic glacial potholes in Rockwood Conservation Area? The information board contains all the information. Oh, and there is a natural underground chain of caves discovered a long time ago.

Turns out, Guelph indeed has its charm for travelers.

Emerald Lake Waterpark was a happy ending

With the evening approaching headfast I wanted to make a last visit to the popular lake. I had heard some of the fascinating stories of the waterpark that remains open all summer. With a 61m waterslide there is a splash pad with water gun sprinklers and how about a water trampoline?

Of course, I didn’t jump in the water in the blasting winter season but the place was beautiful as I expected. There’s even a memory board just by the lane with pictures taken over the time, kids and adults having fun in the water.

At the end of the day

I’m glad I used Guelph airport limo at the last minute because of which I was able to enjoy the city tour without any ambiguity on the way. I’m sure there’s a lot yet to be discovered, but if you do get a chance, avail it, and let me know about your city tour.

If you are looking for a unique city tour then Guelph is here for you!

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