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Everything You Need to Know About Coworking Spaces



Everything You Need to Know About Coworking Spaces

Not everyone can work at home, and renting an office is expensive. The way out is to rent a place in the coworking center. It’s cheaper. What is a coworking and what needs to be prepared, deciding to use such services, we will tell in this article?

In simple words, coworking is a center where you can rent a workplace for the required time. Short term rentals (an hour or two) can cost more than a month’s rent. A number of coworkers offer to rent equipped workstations, with a computer or laptop, scanner, printer, as well as take advantage of additional services.

Who invented the coworking?

Co-working was coined in America in 2005 by the programmer Brad Newberg. A first co-working office is a place where for a nominal fee people were offered everything they needed to work:

  1. Conveniently equipped workplace.
  2. Free Internet.
  3. Tasty inexpensive dinners.
  4. Joint attacks on nature and even meditation lasting about 20 minutes.

What services can be obtained in coworking?

As a rule, the following services are provided in coworking centers:

  1. Rent a workplace.
  2. High-speed internet access (included in rental price).
  3. Rent meeting rooms.
  4. Office equipment rental (printer, scanner, copier, fax).
  5. Stationery, demo boards, projectors.
  6. Parking space rental.

There are additional services that increase the level of the coworking center:

  1. Left-luggage offices with personal keys.
  2. 24-hour access.
  3. Gyms.
  4. Shower and more.

The creator of the center determines the list of services at his discretion.



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Pros and cons of working in a coworking

Advantages of coworking:

  1. Low rental cost compared to the office. Renting a standard office is usually more expensive than the cost of a workplace in a co-working center. If you work alone, it will be difficult for you to find a small office. In addition, small rooms are usually more expensive per square meter than large ones.
  2. A flexible approach to rental periods. You can rent a coworking place for an hour, a day, a month, or a whole year. With long-term leases, a separate place can be assigned to the client.
  3. The availability of all necessary office equipment at hand, and Internet connection and electricity charges are included in the rental price.
  4. The possibility of free professional development. Often in coworking seminars, training is held. In addition, you can chat with colleagues who rent seats in the center.
  5. Detachment from household chores. You will not be distracted by the home environment.
  6. Easier to conduct business meetings. You can rent a meeting room if you need to chat with the customer directly.
  7. The community of like-minded people.
  8. You can find partners among people who rent jobs, establish partnerships, exchange orders, find helpers, and solve many other problems.
  9. You can specify the coworking address as the address of your office on a personal website, which will increase your status and allow you to assign the desired region to the Yandex website(this is important for promotion).
  10. An opportunity to remove a workplace officially. If you agree with an acquaintance about an unofficial rental of a place in the office, you may be asked to vacate the room at any time. This cannot happen in coworking.

Cons of coworking centers:

  1. You need to carefully study the cost of services – what is included in the rental, and for which you will have to pay extra. Coworking services are not always cheap. They may also have a system of fines.
  2. Look at the jobs. Sometimes in coworking, they are close and you have to sit almost back to back with a neighbor. Pay attention, not to chairs, armchairs. They are also not always comfortable.
  3. It will take time to travel to the coworking center while working at home, you can not go anywhere.
  4. There is a risk of losing personal items, especially if there are no left-luggage offices in the center.
  5. Noise from neighbors in the workspace. Talking and calls can be distracting.
  6. The presence of other visitors (this may distract from work).
  7. It is not always possible to fix a certain workplace for yourself, which is inconvenient.
  8. There is no way to choose which technique to work on. Of course, you can bring a personal laptop to coworking, but where is the guarantee that it will be safe?
  9. Coworking is not always in convenient places in terms of parking or the proximity of public transport.

Find the list of coworking spaces around the globe. Get to know more about the facts, services, amenities, prices offered by the coworking office spaces.




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