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Cryptocurrency – A New Way of Investment



Cryptocurrency – A New Way of Investment

Cryptocurrency is the new asset class when it comes to the financial market. It lets you invest and gives a hefty return. Although cryptocurrency does not yet have any governmental backing or official global regulations, the popularity they have garnered is remarkable. These are digital assets used for online purchases and as investments. These also work for book of dead and have a few advantages over other payment methods. Many e-wallets like PayPal are entertaining crypto as a payment form.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin are the most popular types of cryptocurrency available in the market. There are about 1000 other types, but these three rule the market. Don’t worry if all the names confuse you. We shall talk about these in the course of our article. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter.


What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency – A New Way of Investment

From teens to business tycoons, all have their interests in crypto at this moment. In recent years, it has become the talk of the town and everyone wants to assess the future in cryptocurrency. Billionaires like Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk have actively voiced their opinion on Bitcoins and other forms of crypto being an asset. They have been investing in cryptocurrency and do not wish to let it go any soon.

It can be a little tricky to wrap your head around crypto, but one must make an attempt. And after all, what are we here for? These digital currencies do not have a physical value. They cannot be cashed but can be exchanged for cash. The moment you strip them of their digital value, they are impotent. Just like a Yen would be in America. They are functional as long as they are travelling digitally.

To understand this better, let us dig around the etymology a bit. The word ‘cryptocurrency’ means the art of deciphering codes. Each coin is thus a unique line of code. Instead of being a physical object made of atoms and molecules, it is a digital being made of codes. This makes them easy to be tracked and identified. With every cryptocurrency exchange and trading, the code gets updated.


How Does It Work?

Before you begin trading in cryptocurrency, you must understand the basics. This virtual currency operates by making and breaking codes. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are very closely related, and the latter is the network the former works with. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first one to come up with these words. He attempted to solve the mystery and since then numerous people have tried to do the same.

Cryptocurrency can be used to make payments but unlike your regular currency, it does not have an authorized body centrally controlling it. Thus, its flow or value is not set by any bank or institution. Then who decides the value of a crypto coin? Well, anybody who deals with it! That’s right! The value is decided by whatever one is willing to pay in exchange for it. It is almost like your coins in video games, only you can totally use it to buy some real stuff or make an investment.


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What Are the Advantages?

While people think that crypto is unstable and risky (which is true, and we shall come to that part soon!), investing in and paying with cryptocurrency has its advantages:

  • Since cryptocurrencies have codes, it is impossible to destroy them. They have autonomy and no outside power can declare them null and void.
  • They are easily trackable.
  • It is a safe payment method when it comes to online casinos. If you pay with crypto, you can withdraw your money instantly.
  • These transactions are pseudonymous. This means they can be tracked even if you have not linked your name and address.
  • You need not pay any transaction fees for crypto. It can only be exchanged among people who are part of the network.


What Are Its Cons?

Like we promised, let us now go through the disadvantages:

  • Cryptocurrency is unstable.
  • t means what cryptocurrency this year is, may not be the same next year. Even worse, there could also be daily ups and downs.
  • It can be used for fraud pretty easily.
  • The rate of return is neither fixed nor proven.

Cryptocurrency – A New Way of Investment

What Are the Most Popular Types of Cryptocurrency?


Bitcoins are considered the best cryptocurrency. It has the most value and is considered more stable than others. Although primarily it does not make a difference for the workings of all cryptocurrency is the same, it is more popular. And thus less likely to be temperamental. Since there are several users in its network, it gives you more stability than the others.



Dogecoin started somewhere around 2013 and since then it is among the most popular ones. Although it began as an internet joke, it soon emerged to be internet history. If you do not have access to bitcoins, you can go for dogecoins.



If you want to be paying with cryptocurrency, ether is a great choice. It is second only to Bitcoins. It is also a bit different as it lets users ‘mine’ the coins. It refers to the act of using computers to solve complex mathematical problems that make the codes and transactions correct. Mining further adds to the blockchain.


How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

In order to trade cryptocurrency, you must first find the correct crypto. Once you have got that, follow the steps to successfully invest in it:

Step 1: Create your account. It is pretty much like creating a bank account. You need to put in your details and opt for the plan you prefer.

Step 2: set your account for action. You need to put some money in your account to buy crypto.

Step 3: buy your cryptocurrency. Now that you have money in your account, go ahead and purchase cryptocurrency.


Our Closing Statement

Investing in cryptocurrency is definitely in trend, but one must be extremely careful before making investments in such unstable currencies. They sure can bring you lucrative returns, but only if your investment is backed with legit research and expert handling. Bitcoins are pretty complex and require you to do your homework well. If you have polished your knowledge and know-how the market works, there is no harm in investing in a few funds.


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Arthur Rowley is an avid writer specializing mostly in technology and marketing. Having spent years finessing his craft, he now can ensure you that Arthur has much acclaim for these areas and dedication to providing high-quality blogging content.



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