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Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklace?

Santosh Andrei



Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklaces?

Jewelry has been used for centuries to accessorize the outfits. Out of the humongous variety in ladies’ jewelry, perhaps the most ubiquitous is a necklace. It adorns the slender neck of a lady and instantly enhances her personality beyond the routine. Women of all ages across different cultural strata, and various style needs, prefer wearing the necklace for daily use. But some women prefer to wear heavy neckpieces only on important occasions.

Although the need for wearing the necklace may differ from person to person, the urge to buy the custom pieces crosses everyone’s mind. And that is totally normal because everyone loves the jewelry that is particularly created for them. Furthermore, investing in custom jewelry has many perks too.

Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklaces?


So, let us delve into understanding the perks. Later, we will proceed on to knowing the popular types of custom design necklace.

1. Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is one of the main benefits of creating a custom design necklace. The jewelry designers have substantial experience in the field. They know all the nuances of the jewelry. And this means that you get to work with a professional right from scratch.

Professional jewelry designers are very good at challenges. It won’t be surprising to see a jewelry designer execute an awe-inspiring piece of necklace that hooks onlookers’ attention. The attention to detail and finesse in the final result will showcase the craftsmanship of the jeweler and his design team. Every step of the customization will result in a high-end product that retails for thousands of dollars.


2. Freedom of Design

Off the shelf design typically replicate the design choices and style preferences of the jewelry expert and his design team. It may or may not align with your style requirements. So, it is not necessary that you too, will like the style and works on the jewelry.

With customization, you get a chance to explore different types of design, patterns, and intricacies. You get to use the craftsmanship of the jeweler to create a unique piece that is exclusive to your distinct taste in jewelry.

All you need to do is, let the jewelry designer know about your concept. He or she will convert your concept into reality.

For instance, if you want a necklace with a gold chain, but the chain should have unique patterns, then share the reference idea with your designer. He will do exactly as expected.


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3. Holds Sentimental Value

Custom designs reflect certain elements that are related to an individual. It can either be a hobby or a passion. It can even hold relevant birthstones to it.

And since you have total control over the entire process, it is better to add details that matter to you or the family. This way, the necklace will hold extra respect in your life.

Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklaces?

Top 3 Well-Known Custom Design Necklace

1. Custom Pendant Necklaces:

Such a form of jewelry works well if you are interested in buying a personalized Mom necklace. They offer flexible options in a font name and design styles. Many ladies order custom names and engraved necklaces personalized to their loved ones.

However, there is more to custom pendants than just name or engraving. People consider adding gem or birthstone on the pendants. You can even invest in embellishing these pendants with multiple birthstones instead of a single one. It is not uncommon to order different shaped carvings too on these custom pieces of jewelry. They can then attach birthstones in it.


2. Custom Name Necklace:

Many commoners and celebrities prefer getting a custom name necklace designed as a tribute to their undying love for their near and dear ones. But you should note that every name necklace differs from each other. Interested to know the various factors that go into creating such a specific piece of jewelry.

Why Do Women Prefer Custom Design Necklaces?


Here are listed some of the top factors:

  • The gold karat:

You can pick from either 10k, 14k, and 24k. While 24k is the purest form of gold, the jewelry tends to be very fragile. So balance the karat with the design.

  • Font style:

The style can be cursive or based on the language you prefer. You can even choose to engrave the name instead.

  • Chain types:

You can select a simple style to emphasize the name.


3. Engraved Necklace:

An Engraved necklace is an ideal instance of custom jewelry that also doubles up as an ideal gift for a spouse, a girlfriend, or a loved one. Most times, the engraved necklace feature names of people it is intended for. Many people also use it as dog tags with their pet’s name engraved on the one side and their information at the other.


Bottom Line

Jewelry is a significant investment. If you wish to gift the jewelry to someone, then it is wise to go down the customization path. This way, you can let the receiver know their importance in your life. After all, customization directly means that you took extra care in selecting the right gift. Plus, you went the extra mile by making it special only for the receiver.

We hope our blog post was able to give you all the information you were searching for.



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