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The Role Of Mobile Apps In Customer Experience Innovation And The Change Leaders



The Role Of Mobile Apps In Customer Experience Innovation And The Change Leaders

Around 84% of companies that integrate strategies to improve their customer experience, report an increase in their sales revenue.

But what exactly is customer experience anyway?

Well, it is challenging to define amazing customer experience, but you definitely know it when you experience it.

The best experience will ensure your customers leave with a solution to their problems in the best possible manner. This might sound simple but achieving this goal is surprisingly very hard.

Everything that you do in your firm is primed towards contributing to that very experience, so any slip up in any avenue will inadvertently affect it.

In recent times, one of the most important such avenues is mobile apps.

Mobile apps have turned into one of the most popular and effective channels to reach the most significant market segments, with worldwide accessibility and a lot of space for customer experience innovation. This is one of the leading causes as to why an increasing number of companies and organizations are opting for outsourced mobile app development solutions to reach their audience effectively.

Whether you focus on your UI or UX design or AI, AR or VR technologies to create a fantastic customer experience, you need to make sure you have identified the dominant problems and provided their solutions through the integration of these elements.

Next, you also need to find the best channel to interact with your customer demographics. For example, if millennials are your target audience, you may want to offer an excellent live chat interface. However, in the digital age, business leaders need to adopt a more holistic approach that takes account of customer experience whenever making business decisions.

What is customer experience innovation?

Customer experience innovation represents a constant improvement, being technologically updated, seeking more effective mediums, recognizing variation is consumption pattern, and evaluating the need to change. The best way to deliver innovation in your customer experience is to look for elegant solutions while improving efficiency and at times catering to unidentified needs. However, contrary to popular belief, making significant investments isn’t enough. They will only become so if you truly innovate and solve problems.

When done correctly, customer experience innovation can impact every aspect of your business. Hence, it is imperative to find the right kind of partners and processes that bring in the required efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your mobile app project. Usually, these two concepts may be considered mutually exclusive but that’s where your ability to innovate comes in to deliver long-lasting customer value.



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Customer experience innovation with mobile app development

Whether people want to work, play, interact, or be entertained and informed, mobile apps are turning out to be one of the most preferred channels to communicate with brands and organizations. But there are millions of applications already available in the market and you need a unique factor that makes your app stick out. This unique factor is your customer experience, and it can give your app the edge against competitors.

There are a number of ways you can achieve this goal. Firstly, you can use alpha/beta app testing to ensure that the app meets customer expectations in both android and iPhone app development. Secondly, you can enlist the help of a digital strategist who helps you in building a compelling customer journey. Thirdly, you can analyses ratings and reviews to make necessary adjustments for a better experience and fourthly, you can integrate emerging technologies like AI, AR, and VR to further innovate the customer experience.

Moreover, you can never deliver customer experience innovation if you don’t understand your audience. If you have enough data on hand related to your customer’s expectations, you can understand the problems your customers are facing and how they are intending to use your type of app. Once you know this, you can easily chart out a framework on which you can build a customer experience that’s truly primed to work.

Customer experience innovation – Change leaders

Let’s look at some examples of companies and brands that have used modern technologies to take their customer experience innovation to a whole new level.

A while back, this fast-food restaurant chain upgraded its rewards program in Canada, by including the gamification factor. Besides allowing customers to update and track their rewards progress quickly, the app also offered the customers to play different games to earn additional prizes. The more frequently the customers visited the coffee shop the faster they would level up in the game.


This retail corporation has built several innovative digital solutions in the last few years. In the process of revamping its app, Target partnered up with Pinterest and using visual search technology it enabled the customers to find a particular item online by taking a picture of it and searching within the recommended products. Moreover, the app also allowed customers to avail faster checkout services by scanning the items they need to buy and saving them into the app’s wallet.


It is an American online retailer that used a technology called Smart Stock Up allowing the company to predict when a specific customer will run out of any particular product that they buy regularly. By using an AI algorithm, the system can make personalized recommendations and accurate predictions about what the customers might need at a specific time. The more customers buy and the more data system has about the usage pattern the better customer experience it can provide.

Wrapping it up

The digital landscape is only getting more competitive, making it very difficult for companies and brands to stand out in the market and to continually facilitate their customers by adjusting with emerging technologies and industry trends. However, customer experience is still one of the most dominating factors in how customers engage with the business and how they perceive the brand. Hence, to keep up with the current times and changing customer expectations, it is essential to adopt the practices of customer experience innovation so as to ensure that you keep growing, improving, digitalizing to facilitate the audiences continuously.




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