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Basic in Business: Establishing Customer Relationship

James Cameron



Basics In Business: Establishing Customer Relationship

Customer relationship builds a business. Hence, the goal of every business should be to serve its clients, prioritize their satisfaction and resolve their concerns and issues at the earliest. With dozens of people to serve simultaneously, one often wonders how it would be possible to attend to all. An effective Customer Relationship Management strategy takes the guesswork out of it.


The Importance of Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management abbreviated CRM has emerged as one of the most important marketing strategies in modern times. It’s about understanding your clientele, their choices, requirements, and problems. It involves collecting and managing vital client information. This information is made available to support staff so that they can attend to client problems at the earliest.

CRM as a business strategy not only helps manage your contacts efficiently but also propels your business. Settling consumer problems gives a positive impression of your business and its services. A satisfied client will keep coming back to conduct business with you. Such loyalty helps businesses survive during the worst economic crisis. Existing clients will gradually add more clients and consequently increase the overall market share of your business.

Customer Relationship Management is important especially to an online business. An online business, owing to lack of a physical storefront, often has the least interaction time with their clients. CRM techniques prove an important method by which one can build trust and transactional transparency with its target audience. CRM techniques for an online business include simplistic web design, promoting ease of use and improving the shopping experience. It also involves providing consumers access to company information and a brief overview of how you collect and manage their personal information.

CRM comprises a set of strategies. It may include one-on-one communication or interactions conducted over varied electronic media.



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Role of Technology in Customer Relationship Management

Technology is at the heart of almost all business tasks. It has evolved new ways for a business to reach its targeted audience and retain existing consumers customer relationship management combines human resources and technology to create valuable experiences. However, most companies today employ software to collect, process and store customer-rated information.

The customer relationship is such that it does not concern any specific department. For instance, when any home appliance breaks down, you call company support. Based on a simple consumer identity number or the telephone number you are calling from, the attendant can provide detailed information about you including your name, postal address, item of purchase, year of purchase, terms of the contract and a lot more. These bits of information are recorded at different departments within the company. However, the CRM system sources the information and provides it at a glance so that the support attendant does not have to search for files when a customer calls. The instantaneous availability of information is possible only because of technology and computer systems.

Consumer relationship management systems are complex. It involves multiple pieces of software put together in a single interface. Hence, it is best to call in a professional to set up and configure it. A skilled CRM developer will develop a system tailored to the size and requirements of your business.



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James Cameron is a Freelance Writer and working as a VA at Remote Lad. A student from North Carolina who are currently studying at Istanbul Technic University.

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