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Stumbling Upon Your Passion: An Interview with Daniel Christoff



Daniel Christoff

Figuring out what you’re passionate about in life could be one of the most triumphant experiences for any young adult, so when you stumble upon your passion it’s tempting to think it stands for something greater. Meet Daniel Christoff, he’s gone from jumping around job to job and now changing the lives of business owners everywhere. So how did Daniel get lucky enough to stumble upon his passion at such an early age? 


Cultivating Growth From Experience  

From a very early age, Daniel was a very experimental kid, he would try everything he possibly could at an early age. This enthusiasm for trying new things would later play a vital role in Daniel’s growth, by subconsciously understanding that trying everything was helping Daniel understand what he liked in life or what he did not. Another direct effect of trying everything was the motivation it gave Daniel to put his 100% into everything he did.

All of this trial and error at such an early age has allowed Daniel to put more effort into the things he did like such as creating healthy relationships with everybody and helping those around him grow in life. 


Where to start 

When you realize that you don’t have as much time as you think you do to figure things, you can start taking action towards finding the things that make you happy. The reason so many men and women live in a constant state of anxiety stems from a lack of direction or purpose. If you truly want to combat that, Daniel believes it should start by trying new things and figuring out what you like.

“The second I stopped caring what people thought about me, I tried so many more things and realized the things that truly made me happy,”  according to Daniel when prompted on advice for confused 20 years old. This can be held as a testament to Daniel’s focus on filling his life with activities he enjoys, giving him an easier route to discovering who he’s meant to be.  


Never Settle for Mediocrity 

Take a look around and more than likely, everybody performing their job has decided at one point to settle for where they are over pursuing bigger and better. That in itself is a prime example of why you should never settle, especially when according to an article “74% of Americans hated their jobs,”  by factoring those odds alone we can prove that our statement of most people around you has settled for mediocrity. Daniel is a firm believer in constantly striving for more, whether it’s going the extra mile for a client or even providing more value to those around him. Daniel has taken that principle of being relentless into his career and focused on better serving his clients, providing more value, and even personal goals such as reading more books. By taking on a standard of not accepting mediocrity Daniel is able to directly translate this standard into the results of his clients and his personal life. 


Daniel Cristoff on Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Understand that being an entrepreneur is so much more than driving nice cars and having the latest iPhone. It is so much more than that and you don’t actually see it until you experience it. For The Wifi Lions, business really took off once people started to know more about them and who they are. You have to go out there, sell yourself, and gain people’s trust. Their perspective is unique to the industry because they understand that with any great relationship there has to be trusted. This not only applies to couples but also businesses, where their clients can trust that they will provide the best results to grow their business. This trust is built through being genuine and figuring out what it is you offer that can help that individual or business, instead of selling them the whole 9 yards when they may not need it. 

If you would like to find out more about Daniel Christoff, you can follow him on Instagram.



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