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How Digital Printing Is Changing The Marketing Industry



How Digital Printing Is Changing The Marketing Industry

What is digital printing? 

In simple words, digital printing is the process of putting digital images of different materials like fabric, paper, window clings, and other materials used for printing. To print different types of finished digital files, ink-jet printers, high volume laser printers, and large format printers are used. The use of digital printing has increased since 2011. 

You can directly print the message which you want to convey through an advertisement or marketing by adding it on a computer screen and then printed directly on the material of your choice. Digital printing is fast when compared to traditional printing. With the use of digital printing, many of the merchants can save their money over traditional printing. Nowadays, there is a huge shift in the marketing industry toward digital printing. From printed sales receipts to the billboards, buses, banners everywhere it is used for marketing purposes. In return, all these marketing which is done with the help of digital printing produces a good response that means the benefit of marketers, businesses, etc. Digital Printing is highly affordable everywhere due to its specifications like easy altering whenever desired, lower production cost, and many more which you will read further in this article.

How Digital Printing Is Changing The Marketing Industry

Applications of Digital Printing

  • Variable Data Printing 

If you want to design personalized, one-to-one or direct marketing pieces then variable printing is the best. It is also called VDP or variable information printing. In this method, printed content can be changed with a single press run. In this process, an electronic database is created which has variable data that is used to alter some elements of the printing piece and this is why it is used for personalization. Unique output files are created when this data is merged with the layout template. Then with the help of digital equipment or a digital press, this layout is printed. 

Sales letters, brochures, postcards are some examples of variable data printing. To increase the response rate of any promotional campaign, it is widely used by most of the marketers. It is the perfect fit for any promotional campaign. 


  • Large Format Printing 

Large Format Printing is also called big color printing, wide-format printing or grand format printing. Everyone wishes to make his brand noticeable among his target customers. To do so large format printing is the best way. Large format printing items include banners, menu boards,  signs, and posters of large sizes. This type of printing is used for the materials that are large for printing. For this special production equipment is used that has bigger print dimensions than the normal sizes. 

This is the most widely used application of digital printing among all types of businesses to advertise their brands. This is used to get attention from a distance. 


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Ideal products for the large format printing process:

  • Banners
  • Trade Show Signages
  • Posters
  • Yard Signs
  • Wall and Floor Graphics
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Standees
  • Large Wall Calendars
  • Store Displays
  • Maps, Diagrams, and Charts


  • Dimensional Printing 

Earlier, if you want to add a dimensional look or I can say a 3D effect then this process becomes tougher. This was done by embossing, engraving, and stamping. Today it can be done easily with the help of digital printing. It is often said that dimensional printing is adding the finishing touch in today’s digital printing. You can give a 3D effect to any text or image. Dimensional Clear Dry Ink is used to create dimensional printing images. A tactile effect present here adds texture in the two-dimensional printing to give it a three-dimensional look. You must have seen this effect everywhere, especially when top brands are marketing their products.

So, these were the top 3 applications of digital printing which is used by almost all the companies in the world today. Other than this, fine art, desktop publishing, print on demand, architectural design are some of the applications of digital printing. If you are the one who is not using it then it is most recommended for you. 


How to use digital print media? 

With the help of digital printing machines, you can quickly print brochures, banners, signages, posters that will help you to promote your business. Also, with the help of this, you can print vinyl stickers, canvas bags, and many more interesting things. A professional digital printing service provider will have a wide range of printing materials to print the information and logo of your brand according to your needs. Following are some of the different types of digital print media;


This is the one which you can see everywhere and have a big contribution to digital printing. Different types of papers are available as – glossy, thick, thin, translucent, and may others. Your designs are physically printed on these types of papers to provide them with a finished look. 



Fabric-like polyester, silk fabric, and viscose are the best fabrics used for digital printing. If you want to print designs on cotton, wool, linen, and organic canvas, then also you can use this digital printing technology. 



You might have seen the promotional advertising through Shirts, caps, bags, etc all these are done through Vinyl printing. There are many Vinyl materials available like – wrap vinyl, floor graphic vinyl, inkjet vinyl, and banner vinyl. Printing through vinyl is a three-step process – design is cut through a machine, then weeded and heat pressed on a material where it is printed. It is the most-liked and amazing form of printing because of the availability of different colors, textures. A glittering look is also possible with this. 


Backlit Media

You can have a compelling visual effect with the help of vinyl backlit media, polyester film, or paper-based displays. This produces bright, vivid colors. You can find this type of printing anywhere like shopping malls to airports. 


So, if you are planning to market your business then digital printing is the best option for you. Contact San Francisco printing companies to market your business.



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