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5 E-Commerce Personalization Tactics to Start Today



5 E-Commerce Personalization Tactics to Start Today

E-commerce personalization is a great way to create a better user experience and motivating customers to buy more. E-commerce personalization is a popular concept in the e-commerce industry and if you do this in the right way, you can gain get more sales than you think. The primary concept of e-commerce personalization is “to present the right product to the right person at the right time.”


Let’s look into 5 e-commerce personalization tactics to start today.

Personalization on devices

Out of every 6 dollars, one dollar is spent using a mobile phone. Customer prefers buying from e-commerce stores that provide the same high-quality user experience across all platforms. Whether customers are accessing an e-commerce platform through a desktop computer or mobile phone, they expect the same kind of personalized experience.

Several e-commerce platforms make this huge mistake to miss out on optimizing their website for mobile phones as well. In response, they get a low ranking on search engines and provide a lower quality user experience. Every e-commerce development agency recommends optimizing the platform for both computer and mobile phone users.

You need to start this tactic on the first hand because it is the important personalization tactic. Make sure that the product display, navigation, checkout process, and all other features are optimized for mobile phone users so you can offer them a high-quality user experience.


Personalization on location

Serving your products in multiple regions is not enough to scale your e-commerce business. Unless you are not offering a personalized experience to each location, you’ll not be able to make much difference. Personalized the experience according to every location. Like you need to ensure that your e-commerce store is personalized according to the market of the location. Your products shouldn’t be displayed to the users if they’re not accessible in their country.

Showing different currencies to the users so they can easily understand how much it will cost them can make affect their buying decision.

You can integrate different plugins to your e-commerce store that enables you to provide personalized user experience based on their location.


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Personalization on recommended products

Providing personalized recommendations is a great way to motivate your buyers to boost your conversion and sales rate. Serve recommendations to your customers like they’re getting recommendations from their friends.

According to a survey result, one-third of customers bought products recommended by the website. If recommendations play such an important role in sales, then you should be a bit smart with your personalized recommendations.

You can harness the data of your website pages to create personalized recommendations. You can identify the most visited pages or most bought products and recommend them to your customers.

You’ll need to identify the previously purchased products by the customers. You can analyze the future needs of your customers or identify their hobbies, passion, or preferences. Next time they visit your website recommend them the most suitable products based on their previous purchases. You can also harness their previous purchases to send them recommendation emails.


Personalized Emails

You need to go beyond the same boring and unattractive promotional emails that you’re sending to your customers. People these days look for what they like and not something you’re offering at discounted rates or something that others are buying.

It’s time for you to start sending personalized emails to your customers and offer them the type of products they are buying again and again at your website. According to a survey report, 41% of the customers bought products offered in personalized emails. You can understand the importance of personalized emails from these results alone.

Use your e-commerce store analytics to its full potential and prepare personalized emails based on the data. Prepare the groups of customers showing the same buying behaviour and then create a personalized email for them.

Add personalization to your real-time offers

As an e-commerce store, you need to build a strong and loyal customer base. There’s no bigger success in e-commerce business than building a loyal customer base who purchase again and again from your store. You can offer personalized real-time offers to those customers who have previously visited your website or purchased your products. Every e-commerce development agency emphasizes on personalizing the user experience.


If your website knows that a repeat buyer has landed on your website, then it should offer him a coupon to make him a loyal customer. You can also offer discounts to those visitors who are visiting your store for the first time and coming through a paid channel.



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