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4 Employee Tracking Software to Protect your Business



4 Employee Tracking Software to Protect your Business

Employee Tracking Software and other advanced technology will help you protect your business and improves your business productivity. Entrepreneurs around the world employ different tools and tactics for employee monitoring. While some use surveillance cameras to monitor their workers, some others take human support to keep their workers under supervision. The advanced technology has provided businesses with modern tools like Employee Tracking Software for employee monitoring. There are employee monitoring apps and software that enable employers to track and enhance the productivity of the workers keeping them from unproductive and needless activities. Using the monitoring apps businessmen can remotely supervise the use of company-owned mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets. This article discusses how employers can protect business with employee monitoring software.


Employee Monitoring Software

The technologists have developed software and apps to facilitate employers in remote monitoring of working staff. The majority of workers kill the working hours doing unproductive and needless acts that negatively influence employee efficiency, output, and company profit. For instance, the excessive and needless use of the internet, mobile phones, and computer programs can restrict workers from giving their best to the work.

The employee monitoring software enables employers to supervise the use of computers and mobile phones used by the workers. The high-tech employee tracking software like TheOneSpy allows entrepreneurs to keep track of every single activity of their workers. The app allows tracking online and offline activities of the workers to restrain them from malicious and unproductive acts. Once you get the company-owned mobile phones and computers installed with monitoring software, you can witness almost every activity performed on these devices ough a web portal of the app.

How to Protect Business with Employee Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy employee monitoring software can protect the business from heavy financial and productivity losses. By keeping the workers under surveillance, the businesses can improve the efficiency of their staff. Given are the features of the surveillance app that explain how the employee monitoring software helps protect business and improve employee efficiency.




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Track Employees’ Conversation

It is highly significant to keep employees restricted from unproductive discussions, harassing messages and gossips to enhance productivity. The employee monitoring software lets you know what type of discussions your workers make. The app lets you read incoming and outgoing messages of your employees including text messages, instant messages, and multimedia messages. You can monitor group chats made via commonly used instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. You can also monitor phone calls, voice and video calls to keep track of every conversation.


Track Internet Usage

Internet is the most important tool that enables businesses to streamline operations. However, the excessive and unproductive use of the internet can restrict workers from focusing on their assigned tasks. The researches confirm that the majority of employees use company internet for online shopping, watching videos and updating their social media profiles.

Employers can track and manage the internet usage of their workers by getting access to the internet browsing history of their phones and computers. The employee monitoring software keeps you updated about the internet usage on monitored devices. Also, it allows for blocking unproductive and malicious websites.

4 Employee Tracking Software to Protect your Business

Track Social Media Activities

Social media can help provide customer support and enhance brand awareness. However, the misuse of social media platforms can negatively influence the goodwill of the company. Usually, the displeased workers of the company head towards social media platform for bad-mouthing. It is important to track the social media usage of workers to prevent them from malicious and unproductive acts. By using a spy app for android and computer devices, you can supervise the use of Facebook, Tumblr, and many other social platforms.


Track Emails and Keyloggers

Monitoring emails received and sent by employees through official Gmail accounts is of great importance. It lets you ensure that your workers do not disseminate confidential business information to unauthorized persons. Also, it helps to stop hacking attempts by tracking phishing emails. With the employee monitoring software, you can distantly monitor email accounts of your workers; read the content of the incoming and outgoing emails and get email addresses of senders and recipients.

The computer and mobile phone tracker app also lets you closely watch out the email and online accounts of workers by gaining access to credentials put to the keyboard of the monitored device. You can access passwords, usernames and email addresses.

The employee tracking software also offers several other features for keeping workers under surveillance.



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