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Top Entrepreneurs with Different Walks of Life in 21st Century



Top Entrepreneurs with Different Walks of Life in 21st Century

The idea of being an entrepreneur stayed constant for years now. But through years of evolution, it creates a new venture of an entrepreneur. This can be through business, marketing, social media, public relation, music, arts, and the like. The modern definition of an entrepreneur does not limit in terms of starting a business or selling a product. Social Change, innovative products, digital concepts, and service-centered business are some of the definitions of entrepreneur in the 21st century.

In this article, we will feature young and successful entrepreneurs who succeed in their journey and establish their own brand identity in their respective niche.


6 Entrepreneurs with Different Walks of Life


Entrepreneur: Justin Saunders

Digital Marketing Expert Justin Saunders

Justin Saunders is the founder of New Age Media, a Digital Marketing agency. He started his online venture as a sales representative in an agency when he was in Senior High School. Through genuine consistency and hard work, he becomes the number one sales representative nationwide in his firm. The result inspired him to start his own digital marketing agency. He founded the New Age Media in 2017 and manage to grow his clients’ business over time. Now, he’s one of the Digital Marketing Guru who is offering SMMA to aspiring entrepreneur in Digital Marketing. He helps hundreds of entrepreneurs who grew their own 6 figure business.


Entrepreneur: Magdalena Kalley

Life Coach Magdalena Kalley

A 32-year old life coach and Hypnosis expert, Magdalena Kalley. She helps her client on how to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation through a constant session. Kalley integrates various techniques like hypnosis, meditation, and neuro-linguistic programming in her coaching session. Her coaching expertise will help you understand your past, your relations with your parents & peers, their goal and aspiration in life, and what stops them in reaching where they want to be. If you think you need to speak with Magdalena Kalley, feel free to reach her.


Entrepreneur: Anthony Agyeman

E-commerce Master Anthony Agyeman

A young entrepreneur who owns three dropshipping stores, different business investments, and one of the digital marketing gurus. Anthony Agyeman is a Houston, Texas-based entrepreneur who dominated the success in the clothing industry. He first introduces Murderous Clothing through the help of influencer marketing and later on became one of the most clothing brands that featured top influencer like Lil Pump, Ronnie Banks, and Austin McBroom, to name a few.




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Entrepreneur: Alicia Waldner

Founder of Adventure Company, Alicia Waldner

Alicia Waldner founded a company that aims to secure a job for her employees and creates a culture of family in her own company. She took a huge step in her career from being a student to a business owner. She founded Adventure company who specializes in website design, SEO, and videography. Their business model aims to fulfill the client’s requirements through quality output in a short period of time. Quality over quantity defines her company.


Entrepreneur: Austin Bagshaw

Online Fitness Coach Austin Bagshaw

Austin Bagshaw is a certified fitness coach with IFCA certification. He creates a personalized 12-week workout and nutritional meal program for his client. All programs are based on the client’s needs. His online fitness coach helps hundreds of people who focus on his advice and improve their lifestyle over time. Austin Bagshaw focuses on his calisthenic exercise wherein you can perform any variety of exercises with minimal or just body weights. If you’re a fan of traveling or you don’t have time for the gym, calisthenics is good for you.


Entrepreneur: Adaora Mbelu

Founder of Socially Africa, Adaora Mbelu

Adaora Mbelu is one of the successful entrepreneurs who empowered young individuals through community development projects. She transformed her life from being a corporate manager and turn into the director of the Trellis group. She authored the book “This thing called purpose” that helps her readers understand the true essence of living life with a purpose. She wants to leave an impact and positivity to other people by teaching them how to unlearn unimportant details in their hearts and mind that hinder their performance and success. Adaora Mbelu said “I believe that finding your gifts is only one aspect of purpose alignment. It is important to be able to create value with those gifts for those who need them and to execute efficiently”.


Top Entrepreneurs with Different Walks of Life in 21st Century

Final Thought

Entrepreneur in the 21st century is not just establishing a business that generates revenue, improving the quality of life of the customer should be your first objective. If you want to succeed and become one of the successful entrepreneurs, make sure to put your customer’s life first and you’re your business.




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