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Expected Trends in Diamonds and Jewelry



Expected Trends in Diamonds and Jewelry

While fashion changes quite often, it was not until the last few years that jewelry began to undergo huge changes in what was considered fashionable. Until recently, the jewels were simple, overly ornate or old, and few pieces of this were considered very fashionable. Lately, the rule of only a few pieces of small jewelry has been neglected, as thick rings and jewels and even floral designs have become the most important jewelry statement of all, as celebrities to creators of local trends.

While the trend is uncertain, it is at least partially rooted in the “bling” culture that became famous for hip-hop artists and fans. The trend stemmed from the use of the largest amount of diamonds that could be matched in a piece of jewelry or any item that contained them, but it has slowly transformed into a trend to wear larger jewelry from midwestjewellery that has gone beyond Only hip-hop culture. The trend is expected to continue this year with many celebrities refusing to be seen without their thick cocktail rings. Among such celebrities are Pink, Beyonce and Cheryl Cole. Pop singer Rihanna has recently been seen wearing a rather thick ring on her engagement finger, leading to rumors of a proposed New Year’s Eve from old close friend Chris Brown.

Another jewelry design that is expected to reappear in popularity this year is the floral design. The detailed floral inspired rings adorned with diamonds and made of precious metals are expected to be among the main trends in wedding attire this year as floral designs have become increasingly popular with brides for some time. The rings are exquisite and extremely feminine and may contribute to their return to the front in the field of elegant jewelry.

The colors of the jewels are also part of the trend, and this year it looks green and brown. In addition to classics such as turquoise, emeralds are poised for growing popularity, moving from the culture of the “tea party” to the modern and urban market. When it comes to brown, everything from accounts to quartz is expected to gain popularity. Perhaps first and foremost, though, champagne and cognac diamonds are expected to be among the most popular and best-selling jewels of the year. Even a chocolate-colored pearl has been launched, which means even the pearl industry is on top of the trend.


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While white gold and silver remain perennial favorites, this year seems to bring a combination of the two to the forefront as metals meet to create a range of unique geometric pieces that seem to be just the beginning of a new trend fashion. Part of the beauty of white gold is the sharp contrast it brings to a precious stone, especially the vibrant red of a ruby ​​or the dazzling green of an emerald. This color contrast is expected to be a good look for this year.

Diamond jewelry is expected to be as popular as ever. While certain colors and trends may change from year to year, diamonds seem to be everyone’s favorites. While trends may point to thick and colored diamonds as the biggest trend of the year, there is no doubt that classics, such as tower hangings and the unique stone engagement ring will be as popular as ever.

While many people feel the plug for a declining economy, many of this year’s key jewelry trends are surprisingly budget-friendly. From thick rings to pearl jewelry, anyone can find these fashion pieces at a price that doesn’t damage the wallet. When it comes to diamonds, it has never been so easy to find good prices on both loose stones and pre-made pieces. Because diamonds are considered an investment, it is a purchase that is likely to increase in value as the financial situation begins to improve, so now is an excellent time to buy.

In this world, trends are changing rapidly, and trying to keep up with them can be hectic. This will be a year of new and exciting jewelry, and it will be fun to see what the best designers create this year. No matter what creations, they are probably inspired and fun. From thick cocktail rings to detailed floral designs, fashion jewelry takes a leap towards a more whimsical and cheerful side than in previous years, to celebrities and fashionista’s delight.



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