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7 Myths about Emerald Zoysia Sod in Atlanta



Emerald Zoysia Sod

Sometimes there are times when you are making a decision of buying or having an item; you are very enthusiastic about it. But in several instances, you are misguided and given the wrong information about the product and you can suffer a lot. So be very careful, don’t listen to the people who provide ill-advice and don’t believe in the misconceptions.

Qualities of Emerald Zoysia Sod in Atlanta:

For those people who want to have the perfect garden in the humid and warm weather regions then Emerald Zoysia Sod in Atlanta must be your only choice. In addition, this sod has more qualities that are listed below;

  1. The root structure of the Emerald Zoysia goes long way down which helps to get the water from the deepest source under the ground.
  2. After the grass is properly installed less quantity of water is needed.
  3. The sod requires at least 4 hours of sunlight for healthy
  4. If there are heavy rain and water gathers on the sod then you don’t have to worry. But prolonged presence can damage everything.
  5. The mowing can be done after every 10 days. It is best for those people who have a busy agenda to follow.
  6. The Emerald Zoysia can resist a lot of foot traffic which best for houses with children playing in the front and back lawn.
  7. It can also grow where less sunshine present.

Quick Steps to Install the Emerald Zoysia Sod:

There are simple 9 steps to perfectly install the sod. You can either hire professionals to do it for you or install it yourself. One problem of DIY installing is that you may do it the wrong way and damage the sod which can affect the performance.

  1. Prepare the area where you have to put the sod. Smoothen the ground and take out any debris, stones, and other obstacles.
  2. Use of a lawn roller is best for leveling the earth so that the sod can firmly grip the soil.
  3. This the most crucial step of the installation process because if it is loosely put on then it will not give the desired results.
  4. Roll out the sod starting from the edges and putting it side-by-side; joining the two layers.
  5. Pull the two rows Sod together if there some gap in between. It looks very odd and ugly if both lines are not joined together.
  6. Gently push the sod down on the ground so that the roots can come in contact with the topsoil.
  7. Trim the extra sod out which can be used for other purposes. Water it as required and take care of the sod according to the maintenance plan given by the company from where you bought the sod like Atlanta Sod Farm.

Don’t Believe in these Myths:

You must have known by now that sods are much better than seeding the lawn as there are many advantages and they possess several qualities. Plus the installation is also a piece of cake. Still, you need proof and testimony that sods are the best then here a discussion that can definitely change your mind.

Water the Sod Anytime:

If you are having a busy schedule every day and only have time in the morning then it is the best time to water. But according to people, you can water it anytime. An advantage of watering in the morning is that the sod will have a lot of time to dry up during the day.

Emerald Zoysia Sod Damages the Environment:

This concept is totally misunderstood by the common people because the reality is the opposite. The sod not only helps in the control of erosion by firmly gripping the ground but also the grass when well-grown discharges more oxygen than a fully grown tree. It keeps the environment clean and pollution-free.

Chewing Gums are best for Moles:

You must have heard stories about how people used home ingredients to solve many problems. One of the most ridiculous ones of all was that chewing gum was very effective in getting rid of the moles. It is the question of common sense to understand how chewing gum can help in this matter.

Extra Fertilizer for Better Lawn:

The sod grass is manufactured in such a way that the people who purchase it have to spend less time on the maintenance which includes trimming, mowing, use of pesticides and most importantly fertilizers. If you are going to believe this then don’t and consult the sod manufacturers to know the right thing.

It is Very Expensive:

For anything you buy, it costs money but to say that sod grass is very expensive is not true because the ordinary grass needs a lot of taking care after the seeds are sown into the ground. But sods cut the price of water, time, reseeding, paying the gardener, fertilizing and another maintenance plan.

No Maintenance of the Sod Grass:

If you think that Emerald Zoysia Sod in Atlanta is free from all types of nurture then it is a mistake. Weekly or maintenance every 10th day is necessary. So don’t believe in things people say without proper investigation. Read more Lifestyle stories.

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