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Will Flutter be the Future of Android App Development?



Will Flutter be the Future of Android App Development?

Have you heard about Flutter? Android in the present time is the most common mobile operating system. Even statistics have shown to prove it as Android is accounted for holding approximately 80% of the global smartphone users. In September 2018, Android was the most used operating system with almost 76% of smartphone and 30% of table users were estimated worldwide.

Application development Texas suggested that due to the omnipresence of Android has been able to draw such a lot of attention towards themselves to have such an extensive demand if smartphone users. Android is not only a leading platform that can pave the right pathway for quality customization of both the software and hardware.

Such a scenario allows us to cater to developing precise, innovation applications and services and this is exactly what App development company Texas, California and all around the globe are working towards. Android indeed is an attraction point for every user that tries to adapt to the premiering and best features that should be provided in their devices.

Even with the fame of Android rising each year Google has been quite consistent in developing new buzz as an alternative for Android. Not because Android has undergone any trouble but only since it is the most competitive operating system that goes head-on heels against Apple’s iOS that alone has been able to secure 91% of loyalty rate.


Google, presently is aiming to build a future that is not constrained to mobile but will be accessible to any gadget or device.

A New Endeavor with Google Fuchsia

“Fuchsia” is the name of the Future. Even though the public development stage of Fuchsia began really silently. It will surely open numerous doors and open source codes. The techs at Google have a goal to make the best of this venture and have it accessible to every Android deceive, while also pandering chrome laptops, third party devices, and smart home gadgets.

Specifically, Google envisions to create a single operating system that can power every piece of hardware that it functions. As Android began its functions it was able to advance and enhance technologies such as adapting AI that alone became a reckoning strength to Google’s mobile strategy. Though originally commenced in 2016.

In comparison to that Fuchsia yet has a lot to explore as the Tinsel Town of the Android world. The absolute challenge is to match up to the level of functionalities and improvise to provide better in comparison to Android. Commendable features of Android such as the Uniform UI enhanced rapid security updates and advance software versions.


Being able to curate all the existing features into a much better new and innovating revolutionizing mobile platform is a whole up end task to take on. As it is much expected that Fuchsia will be radical and will be making its path to the smartphone market by the year 2023.

It is a continues to trend that technology upgrades each time and likewise, are the very realistic chances for Fuchsia to replace Android within the next entering 10 years or so. If you are a tech enthusiastic it is a wise decision to delve into the perception to adapt transition.

Since this keeps you to attain knowledge on the functionalities of the current apps that could be adapted as an important trait of the new system. So that Fuchsia has the essential similar features as well as a utilitarian platform and as a comparable ecosystem.

Fuchsia being a fairly new platform and venture would surely contain features such that are all in one based on the capable features, scalability. Flexibility and even reliability as part of the development of the new platform which is essentially extremely dexterous.

Revolution of app development will be experienced via Google Flutter   

There is quite a reliable chance of Fuchsia’s development to make it to the limelight via Google Flutter. The crucial point is to understand the basics knowledge that is there to Flutter. Flutter is an open-source and also a cross-platform mobile development framework that is used to create apps. Flutter is developed by Google and is the first alpha version (v0.06) that was released on May 2017. The most recent version is Beta (v0.11.7).

Flutter framework is also capable to create native apps for both the systems of iOS and Android. The single codebase can function well in native services and APIs. Though the mobile UI framework assists to develop animations with relative features that reside in almost all of the native platforms.

Being precisely specific Flutter responds to 60fps and 120fps performance on the device’s potential to take up to 120Hz updates. Though the framework hasn’t been around for quite some time as it is a new platform that is at a phase of evolution to the future thinking app developments and cross-platforms.

Flutter is an amazing aid to provide a pathway to create an application or to develop enhancements to the application. When Fuchsia has released the developers that carried the knowledge on flutter were able to excel their residing apps to a whole new level without enduring any complications or hindrances.

For any iOS or Android user, the entire phase of compiling an existing app into a transformed new platform could seem daunting. Even when Flutter developers would be able to create a newly expanded evolution of the vigorous library of apps that will be transitioned to Fuchsia.

Before you shift towards Fuchsia it is crucial to learn the skillsets of Google’s programming language that is “Dart” due to framework development. Dart is a language that will be able to provide every need that is required to be catered for in any mobile systems implicated.

It is important to learn and develop a proper and clear understanding of the functionalities in Dart and Flutter in order to create apps that are accessible on every mobile device. This is remarkable not just save time in attaining recognition in the market but indeed will also advance features and functions in the apps on every platform.

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