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Freshly Baked or Factory Baked Cake?



fresh birhday cake

No celebration is complete without a baked cake especially when it is someone’s birthday. There are not just party bloopers or balloons that make the occasion a memorable one but the day gets ended well on the sweetest note with a lovely cake. But the lifestyle that we are living nowadays is simply difficult because there are so many health issues coming up. The problem of obesity and diabetes is at higher risk at a quite younger age. Well, this article is not meant to scare you but to alert you and give you a better alternative approach to enjoy your birthday cake and cut down some slack on your health issues.

Birthday Cake: An Answer to Your Celebration

There are so many functions that need a huge celebration to be made and frankly, it is not complete without a cake not being cut and shared with all. Everybody would love to take the cake you bake or order from the popular bakery street. In recent times, birthday is not the only occasion for which cake is being cut. Right from inauguration function, wedding day, get together and even family events make it obligatory to have the best of the celebration deal with a mouth relishing birthday cake. Be it the square birthday cakes, round one or any other shapes, the moment of joy is shared with a delicious birthday cake.

Quick Tips for a Healthy Baked Cake:

No doubt that technology is getting more advanced and developed and now you can have your preference of cake irrespective of shape, size, and flavor. But it is always wise to decide on the healthier option such as the cakes that are made more naturally without much flavors added to it. Such type of cakes generally is made with typical ingredients such as effs, baking soda, yeast, brown sugar, butter, oil, and other extracts. The good news is you can enjoy all of them without compromising with the flavor at all.

Factory Based Cakes Are Not Healthy:

factory baked pastry cakes

The reason why you must look for fresh bakery or homemade based cake is that factory-based cakes are made from heavy machines and a lot of sugar as compared to the one that you can get freshly baked. Such cakes are also stored from days in a deep freeze. You may not even enjoy the taste as that of the fresh cake that gets baked. Besides, such cakes have better control of the ingredients, artificial colors, and chemicals or processed sugar use because of which you can cut down unnecessary calories to a great extent.

Money-Saving Option:

Another reason, why buying a fresh cake from the baking store is that it offers the customer to save more. As compared to factory-based cake, such healthy cake options can be a lot cheaper. Those expense one don’t even add up the desired flavor or the color for which you are willing to pay more. Since. in the small stores and the homemade ones, the price can be negotiated; it becomes convenient for the customers to shop for their desired flavored cake without emptying the pocket at all.

Get It Personalized:

When you choose such an option over the factory based cake, you get a chance to be more creative and show the best and the most customized preference for the cake. There are no many unique personalized yet customized baked cakes option you can look into and surprise your loved one with the preference of taste, flavor, size, theme, and shape that you will fall in love with it.

There is no doubt that baked cake adds up element to your celebration and can fulfill guest expectations. Of course, you may not be able to taste the baked cake before it is being cut but if you want to be sure then go for fresh bakery or homemade cake that would certainly a delightful experience to eat the piece of heaven. With so many advantages, there is no doubt that you must rethink your decision on choosing the birthday cake.

The above tips can certainly help you switch to a healthy option of birthday cake. With so many styles and designs out in the market when you probably want to decide for a group of people then square birthday cakes can be your right choice. It is trending and can easily be made at home or online too. A good part is a major number of people can enjoy huge pieces and those would be healthy ones too. So start looking out for the unique design and surprise your loved one on the same.

Ellen Ibbot lives in Miami and work full time as a freelance writer and editor. He has a number of websites and work for various clients in print and on the web. He is passionate about natural health, healthy eating and food, etc.

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