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7 Productive and Fun Things To Do During Quarantine



7 Productive and Fun Things To Do During Quarantine

The quarantine brought out the best and the worst of us. On the brighter side, due to the lockdown, the work and schooling were temporarily stopped and we are given so much time to do things we haven’t done when we were so busy with our hectic schedules and workloads.

The question is,  what are the fun things to when you’re counting bugs at home, peering outside through your window, contemplating about life that once was before the coronavirus? Binge-watching Korean Dramas and Netflix and scrolling through Facebook and Instagram are not healthy for your mental and physical health… so as we absorb to this new normal, here are a few things of what you can do to keep you productive and keep busy while you’re under quarantine.

Emotional health is also important as mental health. According to Time Magazine, isolation could have a physical impact on your heart health that may trigger unnecessary behavior and thinking. There are extensive psychology and health studies that give suggestions on how to fight isolation and other mental health issues.

Who should you call or text to check on to give updates?

What are the things you want to accomplish before the day ends?

What are the things that make you happy and sane?

1. Let’s Do Yoga!

We all love to slumber during these times but starting your day off with yoga offers you a lot of health benefits such as relieving anxiety, enhances your sleep, decreasing stress, and increasing strength. There are lots of online yoga classes you can stream and participate right from your mobile phones.

  • Fightmaster Yoga
  • CrossFlow Yoga App
  • Yoga With Adriene
  • DoYogaWithMe


2. Tidy and Organized Work Space Increases Productivity

Who would like to work in a messy workplace? No one. Tidying and organizing your workspace is really important. A disorganized and messy workplace can give you so much stress, so start cleaning and piling things up before it got worse.


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How to Control the Productivity Of Employees While Working from Home?

3. Reach-Out to your Friends and Catch Up

According to research, social interaction improves our health and well-being while at home. But too much catching up may bring more stress, especially for the introvert ones.  Keep your daily interactions moderately and don’t spend most of your time on it.

Many of us are missing family and friends during the pandemic. Staying connected is especially important to maintain your relationships and it also greatly benefits your mental health by getting you out of your headspace.  And while are practicing socially distance ourselves physically, it doesn’t connote you can’t still chit-chat with your loved one


4. Be Familiar with Litty

Being in isolation for how many months will affect your physical and mental health, especially for those of us who are fond of outdoor activities. While restaurants and parks are opening up, many of your friends are still probably out of town or still can’t go out due to pandemic threats.

Not having a friend or someone you can connect within a big city like New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles could be very depressing. Litty is a new social media platform that helps to find genuine connections for you to like-minded individuals groups using an AI algorithm that matches your personalities, music tastes, hobbies, and interests.

Litty is surprisingly free but there is a catch, it is invite-only.


5. Visit A Virtual Museum Or Theme Park Online

Your and excitement and desire to just leave your home and get frenzy becomes stronger and you’re tired of endless scrolling to your Instagram feed all day. Brace yourself because now you can “walk” through a museum on your computer, like The Met, or even indulge yourself over a ride at Disney World for free at your favorite couch!

Disney World – Explore a park in Disney.

The Met – This award-winning series of six short videos invite viewers around the world to virtually visit The Met’s art and architecture in a fresh, immersive way.

Smithsonian – Access awesome exhibits.


6.Meditate and Do Art

For those who are believers, listening to religious scriptures and sermons will bring you inner peace. It may bring you relief, comfort, and remind you of your beliefs and principles. Meditating is also a great form of stress reliever that may help you enhance self-awareness, reduce anxiety, promote emotional health, and improve character.

Also, if you are creative, fall in love again on Arts and make something unique and fun to boost your creativity. You can also do Tiktok if you love trying something new and learn to crack your lazy bones through dancing.


‍7. Learn How To Cook and Explore New Recipes

Of course, you are not fond of staying in the kitchen, don’t you? Well, with the plenty of time you got in your clock, trying to learn how to cook won’t hurt. It’s about time to enhance your skills in cooking and try to lessen your food deliveries and take-outs. Plus, many Youtube videos will guide you to do such a thing.



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Jade Casas is proactive quality education, human rights activist, and advocate. He was a campus journalist and an active student leader during his college years. He usually writes about leadership, entertainment, news, lifestyle, and education.

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