Guideline 101: How to Write General Biography?

Guideline 101: How to Write General Biography?

Biography collection in Wikipedia presupposes that a person is remarkable if he fulfils certain individual criteria. This does NOT ensure the person passes the notability test, but it shows well that Wikipedia is notable.

With the general guidelines on biography, a person who has received, or has several nominations for, a “best-known and significant prize or honor” is probably considered to be significant. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly not able to have made “a widely accepted achievement that forms part of his or her long-lasting historical record.” Finally, it’s potentially remarkable to have a guy who’ has an entry in the National Biography or the like.’

When a person decides to create a Wikipedia page, kindly note that, although someone meets the above requirements, they still need to have substantial representation from credible, reliable sources addressing these parameters. It is not necessary to satisfy the requirement. Sources are needed to be checked.

Now let’s move on to professional marketability criteria.

Biography Guidelines for Artists:

You should be mindful that there are typically 12 requirements that can be used to show noteworthiness if you are searching for a Wikipedia page for a musician or performer. You need only show one of the 12, but be aware that you also have to document it with significant coverage.

All 12 of the Wikipedia criteria can be read, but here are some of the most common criteria that you need to know:

  • They have charted music (must be a regional chart like Billboard).
  • A record is published certified or higher than gold (maybe in any country).
  • Big launch by record label–at least two or more records must be launched on a major label (or a spectacular independent label).
  • Won 2nd or 3rd spot in a major competition for songs.
  • Won a Grammy, Juno, and another notable award, or was nominated.

Composers or the lyrics editor also have a set of criteria for notability. In the end, most members of the band are not autonomous. It means that not every band member is eligible for a separate Wikipedia page. They must be noteworthy on their own to have different pages. It often can be achieved by demonstrating that you are a part of several groups that are exceptional or that you have made music yourself out of the group.


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Noteworthiness in scholarly biography:

Scholars such as professors have a sub-set of guidelines on notability that are satisfactory for inclusion. It may be confused, known as the “professor test,” because often less than other biographies are required.

Let’s say someone gets a title as a chairman at a university. That’s the best example. This recognition is shown only on the homepage of the University. This would usually not be appropriate since the source is not known as legitimate. This source would, however, be acceptable and significant for academic noteworthiness. If you want to get qualified for Wikipedia there are some more steps that you need to follow.

  • The university must have received some prestigious awards it can be on a regional level, national level or on an international level, etc.
  • The work of the university must have significations in their field of education.
  • They must have published academic journals or any published academic research by professors or any other Board of directors.

Creative and popular qualified biographies:

There are some sub-guideline for creative skilled professionals. These would include and are not limited to the following professions:

  • Authors
  • Publisher
  • Journalists
  • Filmmakers
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Architects

There are four criteria which can be used to show that these professions are of importance:

  • They are an important character in their careers, which their colleagues or predecessors will display through quoting.
  • A new theory or concept was invented.
  • Creators of famous works.
  • Their work was part of an important exhibition, received critical attention or belonged to the permanent museum and/or gallery collection.

It is important to include sources that are reviews of their performance in producing a profile on a talented person. For example, an author’s profile should include book reviews sources for their works.

Notability in Athlete Biography:

The most puzzling biographies to build were possibly athletes. For every sport, there is a sub-category that can be acknowledged.

For example, if boxers fought a title battle for any of the major punishing authorities (for example IBF) they are noteworthy. You could also be remarkable if you were ranked professionally in the Top 10 in your weight class.

Now to put a clash into the stuff. When it comes to Wikipedia, professional athletes differ from amateur athletes. The explanation for this is that most amateurs do not engage with professional athletes with some examples (for example, golf).

As a result, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the divisive places to be changed in competition. There are always arguments about who qualifies for a Wikipedia page with so many different sanctioning bodies. Indeed, the editors have written an advisory essay to better understand what mixed martial arts articles do not consider to be remarkable.

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