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4 Curiosities about Gun Laws around the World



4 Curiosities about Gun Laws around the World

Not all people in the world are fans of guns, but lots of them believe owning one is a good thing. This is a way for them to feel safer and better, as well as protect their family in case of an emergency. Different people have different views on guns, so what are some of the things you need to know about guns wherever you are?


Not everyone can buy a gun in the USA 

Even though most people believe guns are public goods in the USA, that’s not exactly the case. Actually, not everyone can purchase a gun whenever they want, nor can they purchase as many guns as they wish. There are certain restrictions when it comes to purchasing firearms, and you need to be eligible for this privilege – but don’t forget that these differ from one state to the next, so get informed before you try to buy a gun. 

Some of the people who can’t buy guns include individuals who have been struggling with mental issues, as well as people with a history of violence and/or convictions. In addition to that, people who have possessed guns illegally in the past can’t own a gun again, which might sound harsh at first, but this makes a lot of sense in the long run. Finally, individuals who have had problems with illegal substances can’t purchase a firearm, especially if they have a history of alcohol and drugs.  


The Swiss are encouraged to use their guns 

Unlike most countries in the world, Switzerland actually encourages its citizens to own and use their guns and other weapons as often as they can. Admittedly, this sounds strange if you don’t know the context, but if you know that the Swiss invest tons of money, energy and time into making sure everyone knows what to do with a gun, you won’t be so surprised anymore. But, why does this happen, and how come a traditionally neutral and quiet Switzerland has such a relaxed attitude towards guns?

First, all men in this country have to join the army and go through military service. This is where they learn everything about guns and their safe use. This means basically anyone who wants to own and use a gun can do it without putting themselves or anyone else in danger. Moreover, the Swiss consider this to be their patriotic duty and an obligation they have towards themselves, their family, and their country. Just because they generally don’t participate in wars doesn’t mean they wouldn’t know what to do in case of armed conflict – on the contrary, they’d probably be pretty amazing at it.


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Quality, not quantity – everywhere in the world

Most people in the world own and actively use just one handgun – some of them don’t even use it that often – so people with multiple firearms in their possession are quite rare. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and there are numerous collectors and aficionados who just love collecting guns and showing them off. But, all those people still have to ask one simple question: would they rather have one amazing gun or several guns that aren’t really that efficient?

Eventually, it all comes down to how often you use your gun. If you do it on a daily basis, having just one reliable gun should be quite enough, but if you don’t use it that frequently and are more of a collector than an active user, having more than one gun is quite all right. No matter what the case is, you should also have a trustworthy handgun safe where you can store your firearm away from your kids and intruders, and really make the most of it – whenever you use it.


It’s all about the police background check in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another strict region when it comes to gun ownership and whether or not you should even be allowed to own a gun in the first place. With so many problems and issues they have faced in the past, the UK government has decided to run a thorough background check on anyone who expresses a wish to own a gun. So, no matter who you are, how old you are, where you come from, what you do, and whether you have any previous experience, you’ll have to be subject to rigorous testing.

Basically, all gun laws in the UK are quite strict and there’s no way you’ll deceive the government when applying for a gun permit. If you want to buy a new firearm, you’ll have to talk to the police and let them check you out – both you as a person and your desire to own a gun. If any of these things aren’t up to code – i.e. if you pose a threat to the safety and/or have had issues with gun-related violence in the past, you won’t be granted a permit no matter how hard you try.


As you can see, people around the world take their guns and other firearms quite seriously nowadays. Unfortunately, this hasn’t always been the case, and we’ve had too many accidents, deaths, and mass shootings because wrong people were given the privilege to own a gun. What we need to remember that this really is a privilege, and we need to test and check anyone who wants to buy a gun. These people need a good reason for that, or they can easily abuse their privilege instead – and that’s something none of us want.



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