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Get To Know The Man Behind The Hendrix Sky Brand



Get To Know The Man Behind The Hendrix Sky Brand

Hendrix Sky is a bestselling author, traveler, and blogger who strives to be a source of motivation and inspiration to whoever needs it. 

Hendrix’s brand is centered around traveling and healing himself of past traumas. With his story, he feels he can help in guiding others who are lost, are without hope, or are in the process of giving up. If he can overcome all he’s been through, he believes anyone can.  

In this article, we learn more about Hendrix, his brand, and how he’s helped people over the years.


The Brand

What does the Hendrix Sky brand signify? Well, this brand encompasses the betterment of yourself as a person. According to Hendrix, there’s always room to grow as individuals in life as we all have unique stories and experiences. 

We all have experienced trauma and are healing from something. Over time, Hendrix has realized that if he can show people how to find the highest form of peace by tweaking certain aspects of their lives – aspects such as how you eat, their thought processes, and their perception of the world, then he has done his job.  

Conquering Obstacles

Over the course of his life, Hendrix has been through situations that would leave people numb for the entirety of their lives.  

He has seen friends and comrades die right in front of him while he was overseas in Afghanistan. By all odds, he got home only to find out that both his mother and son had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was extremely devastating. 

He watched them both deteriorate slowly while he did everything within his power to save them. What made it worse was knowing and seeing the pain and suffering they were going through and not being able to do anything consequential about it. Tragically, within the same year, they both died three months apart. 



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Hendrix is of the opinion that you can’t truly and totally overcome some obstacles on the journey through life. Some leave scars that stay forever, but as he stated earlier, you can change your perception of life, filter your circle, and remove things that don’t serve your life’s purpose anymore. 

Things that will make you feel whole, happy, and free from guilt can be done. When you realize this and put it into work in your life, all the obstacles that have served as hindrances begin to fall off and you overcome them. The healing journey begins.  

Leaving A Legacy  

Hendrix is a bestselling author and his book RAGE has received critical acclaim. Not only can it help with dealing with PTSD, but it can also help with handling a loved one with PTSD or struggles with any sort of mental challenges. 

There are helpful tips and a wide range of knowledge within that can help everyone. Furthermore, he thinks that young people should visit their libraries and local bookstores often to see what piques their interest. In Hendrix’s opinion, reading books is extremely vital to mental growth.

Words Of Advice

Are you going through any problems right now in your life or experiencing severe trauma. If yes, Hendrix would like to share a few words of advice with you:

“It gets better. Know that and believe that. You’re worthy, you’re good enough and don’t give up when things get rough. Surround yourself with people who genuinely love you, support you, and believe in you – steer clear of toxic energy and keep only positive influences around you to uplift you when things get dark. You can’t get through it on your own.”


Hendrix can be contacted via any of the channels below:  

IG: hendrixinthesky



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