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Here’s How Hither Mann Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom



Hither Mann

Given the uncertain times, we are now faced with COVID-19, there seems to be no better time to take advantage of the use of online strategies to make money. 

While there is too much hype around trading as a means to reach financial freedom, the forex market is, indeed, an investor’s dream come true. Many people have left high-flying careers to start making money in forex trading and become full-time traders. Sadly, just as many have lost their fortunes and bankrupted themselves in the same forex market. So what makes the difference between successful forex traders and failures? There are a few essential things that successful traders live by to achieve and retain their long term success and achieve financial independence. Education is the shortest path to elite forex trading. Regardless of your ultimate goals, you will reach them quicker with an excellent forex trading education. Take it from the World’s First Female Trader and Educator, Multiple Business Owner, and Mental Health Charity Founder, Hither Mann

Hither Mann started from rock bottom, seeing her parents struggle with money and soon realized that money and real business skills are not a subject taught in formal education today. Hither always knew that the problems she saw around her couldn’t get fixed with the same mindset that created them. Today, she is paving the way for more females like herself to be brave enough to disrupt the “Old Boys Club” attitude that is often ruining the financial industry’s reputation. This article gives insight into how anyone can attain financial freedom.  


Forget Get-Rich-Quick Schemes; They Never Work 

The digital entrepreneur lifestyle appeals to just about everyone, which is why the make-money-online industry is full of scams, and people who sell inferior products and programs that don’t deliver. Many people looking to make money in forex trading have fallen victim to get rich quick schemes. However, the real reason is mostly due to lack of planning, training, discipline, not having a trading edge, and having inadequate money management rules. Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it is a skill that takes time to learn. Skilled traders can and do make money in this field. However, like any other occupation or career, success doesn’t just happen overnight.

According to Hither, there is a problem with trust in online business. Trust brings in repeat business, which is an essential ingredient for success. But what happens if you can’t trust the person providing the product or service for which you are paying? In Hither’s world, maintaining a high level of trust with clients is a priority. She’s been in the business for long enough and has built the relationship she has with her clients on the foundation of trust. “My Rolling Risk Management ™️ is a guaranteed system that will never lose more than you anticipated through trading errors alone,” Hither says.

That’s the biggest safety net you can provide in a world as dynamic as financial trading. Although it’s easy to make promises, Hither always makes sure she is keeping and delivering on them. Since her program is lifetime-based, her students always know that she can guide and support them where needed until they are profitable and most importantly, consistently profitable. Hither has paved the path for Vice Presidents from Credit Suisse and JP Morgan Chase to leave their jobs and use the edge financial trading gave them to continue a far more entrepreneurial journey without traditional employment. 



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Switch from Brokers to Educators 

Having a reliable Forex trading education is the starting point for any successful trader. You should not be learning from brokers – they are winning when you lose. You need an excellent educator that isn’t “in bed” with a broker. The lack of trust from forex online is due to many brokers dressed up as education providers who are enticing free training of the “get rich quick” type, only to get paid from the trading losses that are incurred by their students. Fortune Academy makes it very clear that it holds no broker association nor gets paid from trading losses.  Hither’s focus is on what strategies work in the market today to create cash-flow. She learned by shadowing powerful professional traders in London and New York and now teaches these developed and refined trading methods to suit the different psychology and lifestyles of her students.

To begin your journey through Forex education, Hither Mann offers an excellent three-tiered training structure that starts from beginner level at the Fast Track Forex all the way to advanced level with her Precision Pro Trader program. One of her students, Richard, that joined the Fast Track Forex beginners course just before Jan 2020 managed to profit 35.1% from Jan 2020 to March 2020, at a time when global markets were crashing immensely with the COVID-19 pandemic.  This shows the system works in all climates, recession, or no recession, you’re bound to make some profits by following the step-by-step rules.


What You Can Expect from Fortune Academy Moving Forward

Plans for the future are to keep releasing new programs that can help people build their assets and wealth so that students of Fortune Academy become fully ‘recession-proof’. Today’s environment has proven to us that Fortune Academy is teaching students to make money at a time when the markets are crashing, in particular during this first quarter of 2020 which has shown some unexpected and uncertain changes.  

FOREX is an example of being ‘recession-proof’ due to the profits being made are directional. This means that even if there is a drop in the currency markets, these fluctuations can make people an earning if they understand how to ‘sell’ their trades at the correct moment.



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