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Home Planning for Returning NRIs



Home Planning for Returning NRIs

Not planning to return home to India any sooner, but yet want the grandest welcome when you do? Have you been accustomed to a modern lifestyle from living for too long abroad? Have your apprehension about the lifestyle change back in India? Wondering if India might still be an old town like a place. Then don’t you worry anymore, for they have come up with the poshest style of homes? Their properties are located in the vicinity of the best medical facilities. The perks you’d get upon choosing a house in suburban areas are many. Few of them are as provided below:


There are numerous advantages attached to the suburban lifestyle. Better schools than the inner city area. Residential area, so bonding with a neighbour is easier. It makes the environment lighter and friendlier. It improves the quality of life with lesser crime rates, less traffic and pollution than in the city. Even space, which is a big issue today, is not an issue here. It gives you a relaxing and comfortable routine.

  • Budget-friendly

It might be easy to fall in love with a house site at first sight. Yet the emotions entering the equation may spell trouble in your decision of the house. For not regretting your choice later, a good financial investment is important for a perfect home.

  • Wide range of shops

Do you miss out on the shopping experiences from city life? Here is the right place for you. You surely can see development at a quick pace with a large number of shopping centers opening up. Along with that, there are a lot of recreational spaces, parks, and gyms. This almost sums up to be a self-sufficient family stay in a sub-urban locality.

  • Nature’s touch

Climate change is such a big hitch today. With nowhere to get fresh air from, nowadays people wonder whether to even open windows or not. City life is characterized by being too congested and pollution filled. Houses for sale in Ottapalam are surrounded by greenery, parks and grassy areas. Here the residents could feel better connected with the environment. Far away from the city’s sirens and traffic, you can enjoy your peaceful stay at your sweet home, happily.



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  • Medical facilities

The access to medical aid in case of emergency is incredibly painless and undemanding. In case of any emergency, the house’s location will facilitate you with the nearest medical facility at the quickest pace.

  • Living cost

Apart from only posh centers and malls, a city doesn’t provide much to suffice your homely residence. Even the cost of living there is sky high these days. Dreaming for city life is equivalent to making your life of saving at stake for a fancy polluted land. The houses in suburban areas would give you perks like cheaper groceries and petrol.

  • Great work or employment options

Some may argue that outside the city is no life. But it is insisted that you feel the actual hustle and bustle to realize that you’re working. You needn’t end-up your days starting with a cup of coffee, with a tired sleep on your sofa. The locality offered here, shall keep you busy and away from boredom. Loneliness would be an unknown feeling to you. You could work at your ease and make your priorities prevail.

  • Luring cheap transportation

It can become odious at times to walk miles to just get a loaf of bread! The houses in the suburban areas shall not make your job more difficult. They’re here to help you cull out on that aspect. You can avail cheap transport facility. Even for short distances, you need not book a cab all the time, unlike in the case of a city. Transport will be cheaper not just in terms of going around in the vicinity but for going to the main city as well. This is so because; more people or localities might be working in the city.

  • Modern touch

They do not construct homes in the conventional style. They bring innovation each time. Their efforts make people believe that a home is more than mere bricks and walls. Lives of people aren’t restricted till the window panes or the landscapes on the wall. They believe in value addition to the already known meaning of a home.

With all these lucrative incentives, there could be no better alternative house option available. Houses for sale in Ottapalam are greatly in demand and highly reputed. The Budget-friendly villas in Ottapalam are a great deal for investment if an NRI is looking for one.



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