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5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is the Perfect City for Adventurer



5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is the Perfect City for Adventurer

Are you the kind of person who lives for the thrill of the adventure and would like to explore Hong Kong? The type who craves new experiences, cultures, and fancies walking a day or two in the shoes of a unique differently country and people? If that perfectly describes you, then you’ll fit right in in a city famous for its limitless exploring opportunities. Hong Kong is Asia’s most lively cosmopolitan, and here are five reasons why it’s a great nation for those with an unquenchable fire to see and do new things:


Five Reasons Why Hong Kong Is the Perfect City for Adventurer

5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is the Perfect City for Adventurer

1) Scenic mountains

A good percentage of Hong Kong is green, there being a generous assembly of cloud-soaring mountains offering the best seats to a crimson sun. In total, two peaks topple the 1000 meter mark, ensuring an excellent view of the sky beyond the reaches of the trees. Further, 21 more points average half a kilometer in height and above, providing plenty of challenge- and sightseeing- for hikers and daredevils.

These mountains will truly provide you with one of the best views you will ever see in your life so they are definitely worth a visit.

2) Eventful oceans

Did you know that the Caribbean Sea doesn’t have as much coral as the seas around the island of Hong Kong? With upwards of 110 species of unique coral varieties, the city’s waters have proved a favorable home to countless species of aquatic life. An adventure on the sea offers an enthralling aquarium rife with colorful fish, shy octopus, and curious dolphins, among many others. Sailing trips hardly come any better than one in the city’s expansive turquoise.

5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is the Perfect City for Adventurer

3) Islands

From serene Lamma to historic Lantau, there are close to three hundred islands to consider, thereby ensuring a pleasing dilemma. Most of these have the most beautiful of night skies away from the light pollution of a busy cosmopolitan, making the pristine islands perfect for unobstructed views of the Milky Way in all its glory. Stargazing is, without a doubt, a major treat!

Hong Kong is widely known for its beautiful island so they are a must-visit on your travels to this city, you can explore and experience a piece of the soul of the city y going to the islands.

4) Viridescent country parks

The area of land taken up by country parks spans an impressive 44,300 hectares, which accounts for 40% of the entire landscape. Consequently, you can expect hiking trails as many as the glistening stars that decorate the night sky, all blessed with a bewitching greenery hiding tales of old and adventures like no other. The most notable in that collection is the 100-km long Maclehose route that encompasses mountains and beaches. Talk about a proper challenge!

Visiting the country parks are a great way to enjoy nature and relax a bit from what could be a draining, hard day’s exploration of Hong Kong.

5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is the Perfect City for Adventurer

5) Thriving infrastructure

To say that the infrastructure in Hong Kong is world-class would still not do the city the justice it deserves. Everything is intertwined into a web of ferries, minibusses, doubledeckers, trams, and subways, ensuring you can have fun at an amusement park in the morning, and be halfway across the city in record time! What’s more, the public transport runs on a cashless system made possible by the Octopus Card, a convenient and safe alternative to money, particularly appealing for explorers.

By many, this city is widely regarded as the prettiest city in Asia and the infrastructure plays a big part in this statement, it is truly marvelously designed and shaped to portray this city into a modern concrete jungle of dreams.

One more thing!

Last but not least, the city serves up yet one more pleasure that every traveler is sure to appreciate the Hong Kong massage. After a hard day of scouring the treasures in this wonderland of adventure, you can kick back to a fantastic therapy that calms worn-outmuscles and soothes the soul. It’s definitely an experience that should be on the bucket list of every traveler.

This city is one of those cities that will blow your mind every time you visit, that is one of the reasons you must visit it more than once. Every single time you come you will find something new, interesting and exciting that will make you fall in love with this city even more. It’s a truly one of a kind city that should be experienced to the maximum.

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