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How Buckingham Stance on Crisis



Buckingham Stance on Crisis

Questions about the Buckingham Stance on Crisis on the “No deal” was proven to be a fantasy.  But the BBC’s Newsnight program had reported that the rebel lawmakers constructed a plan to ask Britain’s constitutional head of state to revolutionized the reign, and these Conservatives are drawing up a planned vote on a parliamentary device known as a humble address to the Queen.

How Buckingham Stance on Crisis?

Boris Johnson went to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday afternoon to accept the Queen’s invitation to form a government. Bombarded with the news, few lawmakers raised their concern that Johnson will try to push through a “no deal” Brexit the reason why the majority of lawmakers in Parliament went gaga and go against it.

To overcome this crisis, unnamed lawmakers would initiate to have a negotiation with the Queen and invite her to travel to the next E.U. summit in place of Johnson. With that, the Queen would request other E.U. leaders to prolong the U.K.’s departure, foiling Johnson’s plan to leave with or without a deal.

Unfortunately, no monarch has so directly involved themselves in the country’s politics since 1707, so the Queen is bound by convention to be equal in leading the country. The Queen does not vote and has never intervened or expressed opinions on political matters in public.

Buckingham Stance on Crisis

One Tory stated in the Newsnight: “The problem is, what if Boris is so aggressive to the EU that Macron leads a charge to say just let the UK go? So even if Parliament votes to block no deal it could still happen.”

“One option is a humble address to Her Majesty. You would ask humbly that Her Majesty requests an extension to Article 50. If that went through that would be seen as an instruction to her first minister. But what if the new prime minister refused to enact the humble address?

“Under EU law only two representatives of a member state can attend and negotiate on behalf of a member state at the European Council: head of government or head of state. So, we could simply request that the Queen goes and submits the request for the extension.”

The senior Tory told Newsnight that the idea of a humble address to the Queen is being examined seriously. It seems impossible that the Queen intervening in politics so directly, even if the scheme was attempted.


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