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How Playing Creates Happiness to your Child



How Playing Creates Happiness to your Child

A child’s upbringing is what makes them. The roots go deep inside and they require nourishment. We often take very good care of how our child is learning the alphabet and numbers or how they should behave with the family and their behavior outside. What we often neglect is how playing is crucially important in their growth.

With our generation continuously glued to our personal hotspots, it is difficult for the next generation, our kids to associate playing anything other than a car race or candy crush. And because of this, they adapt to playing on the cellphones. The primary education is very important for a proper upbringing of the child, a healthy and developmental growth. We need to understand this as well.  

The playschool kindergartens we are sending our children to, play the basic foundational role in their mental and physical growth. Recently we are introduced to this new concept of education, for kid’s preschools where nature-based learning is adopted. 

Nature-based learning is where your child is taught in natural surroundings. Instead of the four-walled concrete existence, the child is exposed to the endless natural textures, creatures, and life overall. Such concept is adopted by Elements Nature-based preschool, where your child will be in nature’s lap, learning in the natural surroundings, adapting and learning the myriad of lessons daily, the ones which will not only be in sync with that of the classroom instead, it will break its tedium.

How Playing Creates Happiness to your Child

Playing outdoors is very important for the child’s development, physical and mental. And this is something the parents need to understand as well. The educators, as well as the guardians, need to have a clearer picture of what the indoor learning and the outdoor learning results in, their effect and result in the child’s education. While indoor learning is associated with what we teach the child making them sit with us, in outdoor learning the child learns with experiences and hurt.

We often fail to understand the power playing has to transform lives. Not only children, adults when seeking ways to discipline themselves, find answers in play. For whatever athletic reason it may seem, the first effect it has on the human is to discipline them. And since children are the ones who like wet clay mold in any shape they are put in, their upbringing requires meticulous work for appropriate mental and physical development.

From the many benefits which playing has on the child’s development, physical growth is primary. When playing outdoors, the games include group activities, or group plays, and recreational equipment like swings, see-saws, slides, or the merry-go-rounds. These develop strength in muscles, improving coordination and flexibility, providing laughter and amusement.


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The horizon is the limit to which a child can learn in the natural environment. The game could be of a group run, a peek-a-boo or personal skate and slide, the options are endless, and the fruits benefit not only the player but their families as well. 

The benefits which will result from the playing activity has not only physical benefits but a wider range of mental upbringing as well. The child learns to play and act in a group, with their fellow members. The exposure to sun rays and fresh air is a very healthy alternative to the air-conditioners. 

Playing with toys outdoors involves the plastic inventions on a variety of educating platforms, and also has the self-operational ones like the scooters, cycles or bikes, where the child learns to operate in a moving environment. This works in increasing their self-confidence and satisfaction. The child learns to appreciate nature and its textures, playing on grass, sand and concrete floors, the lessons will teach them of variations in life and taking risks in the developmental being, of failures and successes. 

How Playing Creates Happiness to your Child

If the child is irritable or of an antisocial temperament, the outdoor play will definitely change their routine and bring about lifestyle transformations. The group activities develop attention and sensory responses when exposed to running and gardening or swinging. The happiness from the laughter with fellow mates and healing from accidents and hurts will help the child grow emotionally and physically to what the parents desire. The family’s activities revolve around centering the child, with their development and upbringing. A happy child will have a happy family.

The child’s development will have a direct impact on the family’s mental state, for the care and work relentlessly for the child’s better future and for their growth as healthy and happy individuals. For this, the growth does not require a shift to blue-light filters on the led screens but a drastic one that requires stepping out of those screens and into the grass’s green.



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