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How Roasted Nuts Will Help You Lose Weight



How Roasted Nuts Will Help You Lose Weight

The nuts have a lot to offer than great taste and one of the best health benefits is the maintenance of healthy weight. Yes, you are headed in the right direction and if you are working on losing extra weight then nuts might be the right deal for you.

The presence of vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, and healthy fats makes them a great choice for meeting weight loss goals. This happens because they help by providing satiety, energy and a boosted metabolism even when you are working on the plan to shed some extra pounds.

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Now, that you are so eager to know which roasted nuts can help you do that and when and how to consume them for maximum then benefit, then hit the lost below. There are some of the most effective nuts which can help you meet your fitness goal.

Lose Weight With These Nuts

1. Walnuts

Not the kind of nut you had in mind right? But you’ll be surprised to know how beneficial it is. Studies have shown that consuming as much as 30 grams of walnuts per day can help you get rid of the body’s plumpness. Not just that, it has also been observed that eating walnuts can help in maintaining healthy BMI and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. All you gotta do is, consume some of these fresh from the shell and eat it as a snack or in your breakfast.

2. Pistachios: 

These might be the only nuts that are naturally salty to taste and are favored that way by most of you. But pistachios offer a lot more than the subtly different salty taste. You can consume as many as 40 pistachios per day during mid-morning snack or lunch any time when you need to curb your hunger to stay in tune with your weight loss plans. The best advice would be to consume them in intervals and not get bored of them at one go.



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3. Almonds: 

The most preferred and all-time favorite nuts are almonds. And why not the nearly perfect nut being a combo pack with many nutrients is now available for weight loss as well. The presence of dietary fiber, protein, calcium along with mono-saturated and poly-saturated acids is what makes almonds helpful in weight loss. You are free to consume almonds soaked in water for an hour and by removing the outer sheath to get the maximum of fiber in it. Consume as many as a handful of those through various options like in a smoothie or breakfast cereal.

4. Brazil nuts: 

These nuts are a jam-packed source of selenium which is important for maintaining the antioxidant activity in your body. It has been studied and confirmed that Brazil nut is helpful in managing the cholesterol of the body. You can eat as many as 40 grams of this per day preferably in the breakfast. You can also try the roasted nuts online made available with the grocery markets or enjoy the natural taste as well.

5. Peanuts:

It is understood if you are surprised to see peanuts on the list but they are about to jolt you more. These are extremely rich in calcium, vitamin E, iron, protein, healthy fats, and some more phytonutrients. They also take care of the lower blood cholesterol and helps you fight against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even high blood pressure issues. You can consume them as dry, roasted or even with the shell if you like majorly as a snack.

6. Hazelnuts: 

You might have heard of desserts coming with flavors of hazelnut but you’ll be surprised to know how healthy this nut is. It is a great source of calcium, vitamin A, E and K along with magnesium, protein and mono-saturated fats. They are helpful in relieving stress and hence aid in weight loss as well. You can consume a handful of hazelnut on an everyday basis as a mid-morning snack, or during lunch as well. They offer protection against cardiovascular diseases as well.

7.   Cashews: 

The more ivory colored nut not only stands out for its shade but also for a large number of health benefits it offers. It is dense with protein, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamin K and magnesium as well. The combination of these nutrients makes your body fight the radicals present in it and improve satiety and stress dealing too. You can consume them roasted, dry or even raw but limit them to only an ounce per day. The best time suggested for their consumption is either before breakfast or after it. If your day goes a little packed then carry them in a bag or take them crushed in a smoothie.


Nuts offer great health value and benefits when consumed in the right manner and at the time. And being able to assist in weight loss is just like a cherry on the cake. So, enjoy yours and share the success stories with the world.


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