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6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer



6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

Have you ever wondered how to become a full-time freelancer? If so, this article is for you. The world of freelancing may flashy as it seems. This may sound shady but I know you have seen how people are trying to be one of the warriors in the freelancing arena. Having that taste of freedom is the most enticing part of freelancing and it entails a big responsibility. It’s not a joke to crack but freelancing is challenging that you thought. Working with yourself can be complex and you have to sacrifice more time to complete your task ahead of the given due dates. But the butterfly catch, freelancers earn more than those who are in office using their pajamas. On the other hand, working with no regular hours is hard and there are no steady paychecks coming on. To make it simple, no output, no money. 

Here are 6 steps to help you leave your job and become a full-time freelancer while managing both the fears and money concerns on the one hand and the practical side of running your own business on the other.

What services can you offer as a Freelancer?

Freelancing career is very vast and there are many fields where you can put yourself into. One must be skilled and committed enough to be part of this arena. To become a full-time freelance, you cannot be a freelance writer or a graphic designer without freelancing skills. But for beginners, consistent practice will get you there. 

6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

Also, you have to bear in mind your goals why you decided to be in the flock of freelancers. What are your reasons for wanting to freelance? What kind of work do you want to be doing? What kind of hours do you want to be working? What kind of income are you looking for? Answering these given questions will lead to your direction and this will clearly define your objectives and goals as a freelancer. 


Finance and Negotiations

The working setting is not much different from the freelancing setting. But, the number of workloads resonates with the paycheck you will receive.

6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

So, it is really necessary and essential to keep track of your accounts—together with your partner or whoever else needs to be part of the decisions and deliberate. Be transparent on your finances before you let it all fade away and to avoid the untoward situation. 


Be Specific with Everything

If you’re done painting your picture of what you want to get out of your freelancing and you have a clear view of your finances, you can start to be more detailed with your target market, your services and also your potential competitors and how can you distinguish yourself from them?

Structuring the technical and specifics requires in-depth conceptualization and planning. Where do your skills and passions really lie?

6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

Second, as a full-time freelancer, you have to be clear in making rates with your service. When it comes to pricing your services, clients will often ask for your rates upfront. It’s Your clients might query you about this matter, well obviously. As a neophyte, the low introductory rate is tolerable since you’re just building up your name in the freelance industry but as you grow, you must set your rate equal with your skills and line of expertise. But this is not just all about money because as a creator, you have to resonate with their needs for satisfaction among the clients. 




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It Starts with Self-Discipline

And yes, freelancing is flexible and freedom is in your bare hands but there is a setback to this advantage: too much freedom will put your commitment into a test. To be a successful freelancer requires self-discipline and commitment as you take consistent action not just on your client work and administering your business. (yes, freelancing is a business even though it’s just yourself). It’s just a matter of priority. 

6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

On the flip side, discipline doesn’t just mean doing the work but also managing your health and social being. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Online Presence Must be on Point

As a full-time freelancer, you need to establish your online presence. Establishing your online presence will reach your ideal clients and this will establish your credibility, showcase your work and grow your network. Expanding your business online is an edge in your business. Building a strong brand identity online is one way to improve your brand awareness. Nowadays, a website is the most widely used platform online and some of the freelancers resort to social media as well. Upon doing this, you have to be consistent and engage with other people’s content and start creating and sharing your own content as well. You can engage the online platforms that will help you showcase your portfolio and attract new clients.

6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

On the other hand, if you successfully crafted your online presence, pay attention to the design of your site to grab the attention of your visitors. It’s a plus factor and this will entice more visitors and the results will be more than you expected.

Be the Boss and Think Like A Boss

Most of the full-time freelancers think of themselves as mere and plain workers. Thinking of yourself as a business owner is not a bad thing, however, will help you to be more motivated in establishing your freelance career. 

6 Effective Steps on How to Become a Full-time Freelancer

Must take note that you should keep your business and personal finances separate—opening up a new account for business expenses will keep you going. Most importantly, now that you’re the boss, you should act like one: invest in training and skills development, make sure your work plan is justifiable.


Are you ready to be on the race?

Just follow the mentioned steps and success is reachable. Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight and it entails time and patience to get there. Just keep growing and there’s more for you to face.



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